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Americans for Prosperity Anti-Worker Rally Fizzles with 0.08% Turnout Rate in Pennsylvania

At 12:30 pm today, the billionaire-funded political corporation calling itself “Americans for Prosperity” held a “Paycheck Protection Rally” in the state capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The theme of the day: workers should stop organizing for better pay and give corporations a break.

If we are to believe what Americans for Properity says about itself, this “rally” should have been an astounding hit. After all, according to boasts on Americans for Prosperity’s website the group has 117,000 “grassroots” members in the state of Pennsylvania who are “taking action every day” on AFP’s behalf. If that many people really are daily activists for AFP, then we should have seen them in Harrisburg today, shouldn’t we have?

My suspicions about this rally were raised when I noticed that there was hardly any actual grassroots chatter about the event beforehand. Thanks to local news photographer William Seiders, we have a photo of the “rally” from which we can count the number of attendees. To help me (and you) count, I’ve added a blue dot for every attendee:

Only 94 out of supposed 117,000 AFP-PA members show up for a rally in Harrisburg

Including the speakers, that’s 94 people in attendance. 94 out of 117,000 supposed activists taking action for AFP every day = a 0.08% turnout. Either Americans for Prosperity is lying about the number of its “grassroots” activists in Pennsylvania, or 99.92% of its “grassroots” activists have rejected the anti-worker, pro-corporate message of the Americans for Prosperity rally. You decide which is the truth.

While you’re chewing on that choice, consider that some of the people in that photo of the “Pennsylvania protest” at the state capital aren’t even really from Pennsylvania. According to event records, it turns out that Americans for Prosperity shipped some people in on a bus from Monmouth, New Jersey. Why Monmouth, New Jersey, which isn’t even close to the Pennsylvania border? It turns out Monmouth is the headquarters of Americans for Prosperity’s New Jersey headquarters:

Americans for Prosperity brought people from its New Jersey headquarters to act as props in a "Pennsylvania rally" in Harrisburg

As you can see from the photo, almost all attendees are wearing official t-shirts. There’s not one hand-printed sign in the hall, either. These are two more indications that the supposed “grassroots” protest was a fake astroturf stunt.

8 thoughts on “Americans for Prosperity Anti-Worker Rally Fizzles with 0.08% Turnout Rate in Pennsylvania”

  1. LeftistsRNuts says:

    LMAO! You bring stupid to a new level. Monmouth Junction is not in Monmouth County! It’s on Middlesex! Learn how to look at a map, libtard!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      The two are fairly close to one another in northern New Jersey, “LRN.” Neither is a constituent area for the Pennsylvania state legislature.

      1. LeftistsRNuts says:

        No, it’s not in northern NJ either. It’s central, imbecile. I realize your public education must have left you geographically challenged but even a 2 year old could figure this out using Google and Google maps.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Oh, good grief. Both are certainly in the northern half. Would you like to dispute my use of the word “half” now?

          In any case, people were bussed in by Americans for Prosperity from New Jersey to the Pennsylvania state capitol building to lobby as AFP-PA for a Pennsylvania state law.

    2. Mark says:

      Take a closer look before you start complaining. The bus trip clearly started at Monmouth Rest Stop on the Garden State Parkway, near mile 100. This is in Monmouth County.

      The trip was organized by AFP-New Jersey, which is located in Monmouth Junction.

      By the way, what is located at 4105 Route 1 South, Monmouth Junction, NJ? Looks like an a row of townhouses.

  2. TropicDave173 says:

    It’s all right, Jim. You’ll notice that as he has no counterargument he’s falling back to crying about a geographical error. As well as insults, straight off. Just like the RWNJs moan about the left doing.

    The point,LRN, is that a) Americans For Prosperity (AFP) had a piss-poor turnout based on their own claims from their website (the “117,000 Pennsylvanian ‘grass-roots’ members working every day”) and b) even had to import people from outside the state – from where matters not at all.

    There’s no argument about ‘protecting paychecks’ that can be defended by AFP. It’s simply a ‘nom de guerre’ (fighting name) for corporations not wanting to pay workers what they are worth, or have benefits, or share in the wealth that’s created. You may say that it’s the corporations creating the jobs – not so. The MARKET for the GOODS PRODUCED creates the jobs. If there are no orders, there will be no production and thus no jobs. But if orders roll in, someone has to make the product. And that ain’t management. That’s the blue collared working men and women of this country who do the real work of producing – either by hand or by head – but to have a fake organization like AFP whose backers take in millions bemoan the hundreds that the workers make as pay is patently insulting.

    By the way, yes, I am one of those workers who realize what the corporatocracy is doing in collusion with the more conservative members of our government. I also happen to be well-educated and pay my taxes, and have never sought to use ‘entitlements’ (though such as Social Security isn’t an entitlement – I paid into that, as did many others and likely you yourself). If you’re a working man, put down the tea and think about what they’re really doing to all of us. The rich and powerful don;t care about you, or me, or anyone not at their level – they just want to continue getting more rich and powerful and they don’t care how they do it.

  3. Christopher Fromme says:

    We had 50+ on our bus from Pittsburgh, most were retired thus could volunteer their time. I represent all the people in the ward that I am elected in. Most people work so making the trip to Harrisburg is not possible unless you are a PAID union HACK

    1. Jim Cook says:

      So you’re a paid union hack?

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