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Is Collapse Of Time Streams Creating Agricultural Shortages That Only Preppers Will Survive?

collapsing time stream gardeningBefore It’s News, a right wing web site that trades in wild conspiracy theories, usually takes the trouble in each of its articles to plainly state the reasons that disaster is just around the corner. They typically name who’s to blame: The Illuminati, reptilian overlords, aliens from the planet Niburu, or Islamic Marxist Economic Elites.

This morning, however, there’s a conspiracy theory at Before It’s News that seems, at first, to be adrift, a prediction of disaster without a specific cause. The Steve Quayle Alert simply predicted that we are on the verge of an agricultural disaster that only preppers with their own gardens will be able to endure.

Well, okay, we’re all going to die, and so forth, but what I want to know is why.

My search for an explanation was frustrated – until I took a second look at the headline for the article. There was the answer, staring me in the face. The headline read:

“If ever there was a time to garden like never before, and to buy extra storable food, it is now or never.”

If ever there was a time… like never before… it is now or never.”

I’ve seen enough episodes of Doctor Who to recognize the consequences of crossed time streams when I see them.

I have just one piece of advice for you: If you see Rose Tyler wandering around in your garden, walk away quickly from any stone statues of weeping angels.

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