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Quid Dold Dow

May 2012 — before losing his congressional seat, Republican Bob Dold introduces seven bills that if passed would have directly benefitted the Dow Chemical corporation by eliminating import duties for substances Dow Chemical uses in the United States but produces on the cheap overseas with underpaid third-world workers. The bills, and the chemicals on which Dow would get a special price break:

H.R. 5346: divinylbenzene (nufarm)
H.R. 5347: a proprietary ion-resin exchange powder
H.R. 5348: poly(4-(1-isobutoxy ethoxy)styrene-co-4-hydroxystyrene
H.R. 5360: another proprietary ion-resin exchange powder
H.R. 5361: 10,10′-Oxybisphenoxarsine
H.R. 5362: a macroporus adsorpent polymer
H.R. 5363: 4-(1-Ethoxyethoxy) styrene-4- (t-butylcarbonyloxy) styrene-4-hydroxystyrene copolymer

March 2014 — Bob Dold runs for Congress again. The Dow Agrosciences LLP PAC promptly writes a check to Dold to underwrite his campaign.

Dow is not Bob Dold’s only political sponsor. Thanks to his efforts to crush the minimum wage, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has announced its sponsorship of the Dold campaign — starting with a half-million-dollar “independent expenditure” advertising campaign on behalf of Dold’s candidacy last month. The Chamber of Commerce promises more of the same on behalf of Bob Dold… but won’t say from what ultimate sources the pro-Dold money originates.

2 thoughts on “Quid Dold Dow”

  1. Tom says:

    This is what politics has come to: legalized bribery, pay to play, and subsidized lawmakers, negating the Constitution via Homeland Security policies allowed by the captured Supreme Court, and Presidential signing statements including the ability to not only declare war, but also to kill anyone anywhere for any reason including whim. Since the government is now a wholey-owned subsidiary of Wall Street and the obscenely rich, it no longer works for the benefit of the ordinary citizen. “Our elected officials” turn into corporate lackeys the minute they get elected by those still believing in the myth of democracy.

    So, to the point, this scum-bag is just another politician who takes corporate money (in the form of campaign contributions) and does the bidding of those for whom he now works. He’s no surprise at all.

    i’m surprised that Congress even has an “ethics” committee, since they now get away with almost everything that used to be considered illegal or (on principal) just wasn’t done.
    Why don’t the “lawmakers” wear uniforms with corporate logos all over them like athletes and racecar drivers? It would make more sense, help the sheeple who still believe in them to see who’s sponsoring whom and probably enhance their images.

  2. Tom says:

    How about this guy?

    Meet Rep. Larry Lockman: Maine Republican Asks Why Women Should Be Able To Get Abortions But Men Not Be Able To Rape Them

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