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Coca Cola’s Plan For Diabetes-Friendly Soccer

coca cola world cup soccerWhen Coca Cola thinks of soccer, this is the image it has in mind:

A person walks into Coca Cola’s marketing building – the Casa Coca Cola – behind the new Maracana stadium in Brazil, sits on a bench and has a weird box harnessed over their heads. The box, a virtual reality console, beams an image of a pretend soccer field into the person’s eyes, showing what it might look like to score a goal in the World Cup. Then, the person takes a big hit of sugar, drinking down a bottle of Coca Cola. The combination of lack of physical exercise and a sudden burst of sugar into the body takes the person closer to the goal of type 2 diabetes.

Is that what soccer looks like to you? It gives new meaning to the idea of a header, that’s for sure.

What the Coca Cola World Cup marketers’ virtual reality experience doesn’t show is that the eviction of Brazilians from where the stadium and the Casa Coca Cola now stands. Attacks by police against Brazilians protesting against the World Cup are also left out of the virtual reality display.

That’s why Coca Cola’s vision of World Cup soccer is referred to as virtual.

2 thoughts on “Coca Cola’s Plan For Diabetes-Friendly Soccer”

  1. Bill says:

    Spot on, Peregrin. The world today is in the midst of an explosively growing epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, giving rise to complications including vascular disease, kidney failure, blindness, amputations, and neuropathies. Worldwide it is one of the top ten causes of death, particularly in lower income countries and the lower income communities of better-off countries.

    The darn thing is, we understand this disease’s causes quite well. Overwhelmingly, it is caused by obesity, in turn caused by fatty, sugary Americanized diets, combined with too little exercise. We could eradicate this killer overnight if society was moved to attack its root causes. But in our ‘free markets’ that doesn’t happen because there’s no money in it. It is much more profitable to encourage people to sit down and drink some more sugar, as Coke is doing.

    We managed to vilify tobacco companies in this country not so much because of the clear link between smoking and cancer and heart disease, but because so many non-smokers find cigarette smoke unpleasant. Coke and McDonald’s and their fellow travelers in the free market for poisonous garbage food are every bit as complicit in the Type 2 diabetes epidemic as the tobacco companies are in lung cancer.

    Have a Coke And An Amputation.

  2. Dave says:

    Great wordplay throughout your post, Peregrin. “Closer to the goal of type 2 diabetes” would be a real hoot if not so true.

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