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Marco Rubio Calls For A Return To Thinking Stuff Is Important

“We must reinvigorate the role of values in our country,” Senator Marco Rubio said in a speech at a conference of the Faith and Freedom Coalition yesterday. He accused Democrats of failing to support values, saying that “they completely ignore the importance of families with values in our society.”

Values? Having values means having the conviction that some things are important.

Marco Rubio wants to reinvigorate the role of values in the United States of America? Well, that’s kind of vague, isn’t it? In saying that values are important, Rubio is only saying that he thinks that it’s important for people have have opinions about what’s important, and what’s not.

Eventually, Rubio did get a bit more specific in his speech. He said that he wants to prevent Democrats from using the power of government to address the policy concerns that derive from people’s values. He accused the Democrats of coming up with plans for values and families to “be replaced by laws and government programs.”

marco rubio valuesHow legislation could stop people from valuing things and ideas, Rubio never made clear. Rubio also never managed to identify any specific piece of Democratic legislation that would abolish the family.

But then, maybe Rubio doesn’t think he needs evidence to back up his assertions. Maybe he thinks that he can just govern on the basis of values, so that if he is elected President, he’ll just come into the Oval Office and think really hard about what’s valuable, and then, presto, a whole bunch of good stuff will happen.

Certainly, a President Marco Rubio wouldn’t actually do anything in the White House. That, after all, would require creating government programs. No, to remain true to his values, a President Rubio would probably just spend his time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue taking lots of naps.

If you listen hard to recordings of Rubio’s speech, you can hear his aides in the background, scribbling down slogans for the Rubio for President 2016 campaign:

Rubio for President: Because It’s Important To Think That Stuff Is Important

Rubio 2016: Elect him so that he won’t do anything

Rubio for America: If you don’t vote for him, your family will cease to exist

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  1. Bill says:

    Rubio 2016: Invaluably Valuing Valuable Family Values

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