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DNC Chair Votes To Allow USA To Go To War In Iraq Again

Any effective Democratic Party strategy has to include a means of differentiating itself from the Republican Party. There are only two substantial political parties of any size in the USA, after all, and if citizens don’t believe that there is any serious difference between those two parties, voter turnout will drop to absurdly low levels.

Hang on… that’s already happened, hasn’t it? Actually, the Democratic Party has repeatedly failed to differentiate itself from the Republican Party in the eyes of many potential voters, and political apathy is high as a result.

The kind of political activity that has led to the perception of the melding of Republican and Democrat into a mushy center-right blend, leading voters to conclude that they don’t have much of a choice on Election Day, was on display yesterday, as an important amendment to the annual Defense appropriations bill was put up to a vote. Roll Call number 325 shows that a proposed amendment by U.S. Representative Barbara Lee failed, and 44 Democrats helped to kill it.

The amendment would have prohibited any funds from being used to conduct military operations in Iraq, but 44 Democratic members of Congress decided that, despite the disaster of the last Iraq War, it would be a great idea for the U.S. military to be sent off to Iraq all over again.

Prime among these Democrats was the leader of the Democratic National Committee: Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Remember this, progressives, the next time you get a letter or email message from the DNC, asking you for money to defeat the scary Republican Party – the leadership of the DNC favors putting America into yet another war in Iraq. If those Democrats had voted for Barbara Lee’s amendment, a new war could have been prevented, but they decided to give peace a kick in the teeth instead.

The names of the other 43 pro-war Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives who helped the Republicans keep the possibility of a new Iraq War alive are:

John Barrow
Timothy Bishop
Corrine Brown
Julia Brownley
Cheri Bustos
George Butterfield
John Carney
André Carson
Matthew Cartwright
James Clyburn
Gerald Connolly
Jim Cooper
Jim Costa
Henry Cuellar
John Delaney
Tammy Duckworth
Eliot Engel
Bill Enyart
Tulsi Gabbard
Pete Gallego
Steve Horsford
Steny Hoyer
Steve Israel
Joseph Kennedy
James Langevin
Dan Lipinski
Steve Lynch
Jim Matheson
Mike McIntyre
Gregory Meeks
James Moran
William Owens
Ed Perlmutter
Gary Peters
Collin Peterson
David Price
Raul Ruiz
Dutch Ruppersberger
Loretta Sanchez
Teri Sewell
Brad Sherman
Juan Vargas
Peter Visclosky

If you care about peace, you now know which Democrats not to support for re-election to Congress this year.

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