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Thanks Are Due To 23 Republicans In Congress Who Voted To Block USA From Entering Iraqi War

Yesterday, I wrote about the vote by 44 congressional Democrats, including the chair of the Democratic National Committee, to stop efforts to block funding for new American military involvement in war in Iraq. These Democrats voted to support efforts to get the USA involved in yet another Iraqi war.

However, these Democrats weren’t the only ones to cross the aisle. 23 Republicans, listed below, voted to prohibit Barack Obama from involving the U.S. military in the Iraqi civil war. They deserve our sincere thanks. We may not agree with these Republicans on most political issues, but on this issue these Republicans were in the right. America can’t afford to enter any new wars, but even beyond the cost, getting involved in the Iraqi civil war would be the wrong thing to do. The USA has had long enough to meddle in domestic Iraqi affairs. American military efforts didn’t bring peace and democracy to Iraq before, and they wouldn’t do so now.

Republicans Who Voted To Block A New American War In Iraq:
iraq wiped outJustin Amash
Dan Benishek
Paul Broun
Mike Coffman
Steve Daines
John Duncan
Chris Gibson
Walter Jones
Raul Labrador
Thomas Massie
Tom McClintock
Tom Petri
Reid Ribble
Scott Rigell
Dana Rohrabacher
Mark Sanford
Dave Schweikert
Jim Sensenbrenner
Steve Stockman
Ted Yoho
Don Young

2 thoughts on “Thanks Are Due To 23 Republicans In Congress Who Voted To Block USA From Entering Iraqi War”

  1. Mark says:

    I guess letters to your congressman can work. Early last week I wrote a quick letter to mine, Mark Sanford, SC-1st district, urging him to vote against any military involvement in Iraq. Much to my surprise, he’s on the list as having voted just that way. Did my letter have anything to do with his decision? Who knows, but maybe he received enough letters just like mine convincing him to vote the way he did.

  2. J Clifford says:

    Thank you for writing that letter, Mark. If more constituents did so in the districts of the 44 pro-war Democrats, maybe the cloud of a new war would be lifted by now.

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