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Many Donors To Mississippi Conservatives PAC Aren’t Even From Mississippi

One thing becomes quickly clear upon looking at this year’s U.S. Senate race in Mississippi: Voters won’t have anything but conservative candidates to choose from. There are two conservative candidates in the Republican primary, incumbent Thad Cochran and challenger Chris McDaniel. One of them will face Travis Childers a conservative Blue Dog former member of the U.S. House of Representatives who lost the support of his constituents after he voted with the GOP more often than he did with his fellow Democrats.

mississippi conservativesIn spite of the conservative-against-conservative-against-conservative nature of the 2014 Mississippi U.S. Senate race, a group calling itself Mississippi Conservatives PAC has appointed itself the judge of which politicians in Mississippi are truly deserving of conservative support. The Mississippi Conservatives PAC has chosen to support incumbent Thad Cochran against all other Mississippi Conservatives.

The odd thing about the Mississippi Conservatives PAC is that a large amount of the money it spends comes from outside of Mississippi.

For example, there’s Robert Day, the founder of the investment firm TCW Group. He’s given a lot of money to the Mississippi Conservatives PAC, but he lives in Los Angeles, California.

Another big donor to the Mississippi Conservatives PAC is Howard Leach of Leach Capital LLC, another investment firm. Howard Leach lives in New York City.

The Crest Investment Company is yet another big financial supporter of the Mississippi Conservatives PAC, but it’s not from Mississippi either.

Also from outside of Mississippi is a donation from the founder of Stephens, Inc. Guess what kind of business it is… yes, it’s in financial investments.

From over in Denver, Colorado, the CEO of a company called MDC Holdings also wrote a check to the Mississippi Conservatives PAC. MDC Holdings is a mortgage finance company.

You can see the pattern. Financial investors from outside of Mississippi seem to be heavily invested in the Mississippi Conservatives PAC.

I don’t want to give the inaccurate impression that all of the out of state money that’s propping up the Mississippi Conservatives PAC comes from the financial investment industry. No, there are also donations from people like Tony Feather, senior partner at FLS Connect, a political operations firm based in Minnesota. FLS Connect is “proud to own call centers in Phoenix, AZ; Mankato, MN; and Saint Cloud, MN”. FLS Connect doesn’t have any centers in Mississippi.

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