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Breaking Promise, Barack Obama Ignores Edward Snowden White House Petition for 1 Year

On June 22 2013, the petition to pardon civil liberties whistleblower Edward Snowden surpassed a hundred thousand signatures, and has continued to gather signatures since, reaching 161,223 signatures today.

It’s that 100,000 mark that’s crucial, though, because this isn’t just any old ordinary petition; it’s an official petition on the official “We The People” petition website set up by the White House itself. On that website, the Obama administration has promised to respond to any petition that surpasses 100,000 signatures.

It’s been a year now, and still there’s been no response.

When the White House promises to respond to all petitions, then ignores politically unacceptable and thematically disagreeable petitions, the basic premise of the website appears to be negated. An honest answer doesn’t have to be the answer that “We the People” want, but some sort of answer is better than the alternative: to have our government remain unanswerable.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Promise, Barack Obama Ignores Edward Snowden White House Petition for 1 Year”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Thanks for your diligent work keeping people informed of things that are ignored in the mass media, like that petition.

  2. David Higgins says:

    Be Honest and Do what it says it will Do.
    Well over a Hundred Thousand signatures were delivered over a year ago to the White House on a Petition to Pardon the Whistle-blower Edward Snowden for revealing to the American People that its Government was Lying to it about the NSA invasion of our the privacy through the interception of our private communications.
    Disregarding its pledge to respond to any Petition that met this Threshold the White House has Stone Walled in an attempt to not face its own criminal conduct. This must Stop Immediately and the Peoples Will must be responded to by its Elected Government
    Created: Jun 26, 2014

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    On a related note I have received emails about Stand Against Spying.

    A coalition of at lest 23 organizations are involved. I specifically recieved emails for several of them especially the Electronic Fronteir Foundation and Greenpeace as well as the Libertarian Party.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Tenth Amendement Center
    Sunlight Fohndation
    Freedom Works
    Freepress Action Fund
    Fight For The Future
    Demand Progress
    Association of Alternative Newsmedia
    Bill of Rights Defense Comittee
    Freedom of the Press Foundation
    Tech Freedom
    Libertarian Party
    Open Media International
    Pen America
    Restore the Fourth
    Council on American Islamic Relations
    Task Force
    Thought Works
    Liberty Coalition

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