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Free Mubarak Bala

free mubarak balaIn Nigeria, a man named Mubarak Bala has been beaten, drugged, and held captive in the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. The rationale for the beating and confinement is that he has a mental illness. The symptoms of his mental illness are that he has renounced Islam and openly become an atheist.

Mubarak Bala’s father and his allies are insisting that he will continue to be held captive, and undergo treatments as if he were mentally ill – in order to cure his atheism. Mubarak’s mother, who helped get out news of his plight by smuggling an email-capable phone into the hospital, has been kicked out of the family home in punishment.

Associates of the International Humanist and Ethical Union have confirmed the basic facts of the case. Mubarak Bala is asking that people spread word of his confinement, in the hopes that international groups will help to gain his release.

6 thoughts on “Free Mubarak Bala”

  1. Bill says:

    What a tragic story.

    God help me, it’s getting to the point where I mostly just don’t read news regarding Africa any more, because so many of the continent’s governments and people seem so hopelessly and willfully benighted. There is evidence that humanity first arose in Africa; but today it seems as though it has first died there, too.

  2. Mr. Falalu says:

    He must be mentally ill! He can use Newton’s laws of motion to grasp the existence of God. He lacks sense of humanity. A responsible, complete human being has built-in beliefs of the existence of God. I don’t whether he contributed an atom to his creation as well as how his body functions.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Mr. Falalu, are you being sarcastic?

      Belief in God is belief in something for which there is no concrete evidence. Yet, you think that anyone who doesn’t believe in this invisible spirit is mentally ill?

      Have you heard of the concept of psychological projection?

  3. WaldiR says:

    Of course, Mr. Falulu was sarcastic.

  4. WaldiR says:

    Strange to think that apart from Mubarak and his mother (and maybe doctors who play along in order to protect Mubarak from being lynched?), the main persons of this case and the majority belief of the area are irrefutably insane.

  5. Peregrin Wood says:

    Update: After a strike by doctors in the hospital where Mubarak Bala was held prisoner, and an international activist campaign, Mubarak Bala has been freed from captivity. He has received death threats, but responds, “To those who have made threats against me, I urge you to reason and learn to tolerate opinions other than yours.”

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