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Authority Elbows In At The Libertarian Party National Convention

Tomorrow, the 2014 national convention of the Libertarian Party will begin. For a Libertarian convention, the convention looks tightly focused on rules and regulations. The first several events are:

Bylaws Committee Meeting
Credentials Committee Meeting
Convention Registration & Delegate Credentialing

libertarian convention 2014They’re Libertarians, so why can’t they all just agree to show up, and then let marvelous things happen, free of all of these structures?

But, as luck would have it, the Libertarians seem to be all about authoritarian structures these days. Just think of a symbol of an authoritarian structure, and the Libertarians seem to be embracing it.

How about big Greek-style columns, for instance – the kind they put in front of all those big government buildings to make them seem important and powerful? Yes, the Libertarian Party has got those now as well, as seen here in the official logo of Libertarian National Convention 2014. Everywhere there’s a straight line, they slapped a column right in there.

Libertarians: Now with the power of faux marble!

5 thoughts on “Authority Elbows In At The Libertarian Party National Convention”

  1. Doug Craig says:

    You so funny…It is all about not using force…yes we doing traing and pick leaders…but the cool thing is no one is force to participate. .unlike the government

  2. pling says:

    So then, you’re okay with political force, but not violent force? You should support environmental and commercial regulation, then?

  3. Jim Cook says:

    Political force is political force because it’s backed by a monopoly over coercive and violent force.

  4. June Genis says:

    Any organization needs structure to resolve disputes. Anyone participating in the Libertarian Party has done so voluntarily and has agreed to abide by its rules which they will have a say in formulating. Just when did you sign up to abide by any rules that the government chooses to impose on you? That is the difference between the rules created by private organizations and the rules created by government. You can resign from the LP is you don’t like the rules. You can not escape the government imposing its rules on you unless you are willing to renounce your citizenship and move abroad.

    1. J Clifford says:

      June, your point sounds sensible, until one stops to think about what it really means. This Libertarian model of freedom you refer to is anti-democratic. It says that real freedom is only found when people totally uproot their social connections to leave one group and form another. That’s not the idea that the USA is founded on.

      We CAN escape the current form of government – by participating in the democratic process and changing it.

      Furthermore, the Libertarian alternative of reducing democratic government power wouldn’t really liberate anyone. It would only place democratic power with oligarchic and theocratic power, removing the restraints that keep these powers from dominating everyone.

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