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The Saxons Of Iraq

Yesterday on Capitol Hill, U.S. Representative James Himes gave an important speech in which he called for his colleagues to oppose a renewal of U.S. military involvement in civil war in Iraq. “Colleagues,” he said, “let us not expend one more dollar or one more life on military activity that is not in the clear service of our essential national interests.”

saxons of iraqI’d like to hear more of this sentiment from congressional leaders.

Also included in the speech by Himes, as shown in the Congressional Record, is a stranger reference to the Iraqi Civil War. Himes said, “Let’s be very clear: Iraq cannot be lost or won. A brutal dictator or the United States military can sit on top of conflicts between Sunni and Shiite and Saxon tribes that have roiled that society for centuries, but remove that dictator or remove the U.S. military, and those conflicts will reemerge.”

The Sunnis, Shiites and Saxon tribes?

Who are these Saxons of Iraq? British occupiers from the 20th century? Perhaps, but I’ve found a more current alternative: Saxon Energy Services, a company headquartered in Dubai, but with expanding opportunities for workers seeking employment in its operations in Iraq.

No blood for oil, right?

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