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Keep Conservatives United PAC Encourages Conservatives To Attack Each Other, And Robots

In a little bit less than two weeks, Republicans in the 6th congressional district will have the chance to vote in a runoff election to make a final choice of a candidate to represent them in the general election this November. It’s rarely easy to decide how to vote, but this year, 6th congressional district Republicans are getting some assistance from a group that calls itself Keep Conservatives United.

With a name like Keep Conservatives United, what kind of help do you think they’re offering?

If you guessed that Keep Conservatives United is a political action committee that is running advertisements by Republicans against Republicans, you’re right. So far, the Keep Conservatives United PAC has spent $76,788.06 on advertisements attacking conservative Republican congressional candidate Mark Walker. “Mark Walker is a fatally flawed candidate,” says the PAC. “Mark Walker is either delusional or a liar… a reckless candidate who comes unglued.”

Why is the PAC so concerned about a candidate who comes unglued? Keep Conservatives United supported Michele Bachmann in 2012.

This isn’t the first round of advertisements that Keep Conservatives United has made in the 6th congressional district this year. This spring, the PAC was sued for libel for making false accusations against Bruce VonCannon, another Republican candidate for the seat, in what local reporters called an “increasingly virulent campaign”.

Even from up here in the North, I can smell the unity that growing among North Carolina’s 6th district Republicans. Keep up the good work, Keep Conservatives United!

kay hagan robotAs a final piece of political genius, the Keep Conservatives United PAC has accused Democratic U.S. Senator Kay Hagan of being a robot. Presumably, Keep Conservatives United intends to remove Hagan from the Senate with a giant magnet.

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