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Will There Be A Chinese Attack Against America Before July 4th?

In April this year, a guy who goes by the pseudonym “Truther” predicted that there would be a terrorist attack at a conference called Moogfest. That terrorist attack never happened.

Yet, “Truther” has continued to pump out predictions of doom and gloom at a steady pace. His latest claim is that the CIA will engineer a series of Chinese attacks against the United States:

1st against American military operations in the Philippines.
2nd at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
3rd through a hacking of U.S. attack drone aircraft
4th with an attack in California

It is now two days before the 4th of July, but no genuine sign of an impending Chinese attack against the United States has yet been seen. As with Truther’s previous predictions, the warning of an imminent war between the US and China appears to be nothing more than hot air.

So, if China does not attack the United States before July 4th, will Truther finally admit that his predictions are worthless? There’s not much chance of that.

Truther has come up with a loophole to justify all of his failed predictions, while sustaining the belief in his ability to predict the future. Truther puts a disclaimer on the end of all his prophecies, which begins, “Terror alerts and warnings made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality…”

So, you see, China might really be preparing to attack the USA at the behest of the CIA… just not in reality.

Truther goes on to assert that whenever he predicts an attack against the United States, he simultaneously prevents the attack he has predicted, because when the evildoing conspirators read Truther’s articles, they realize that their plans have been exposed, and must be abandoned.

The brain that can believe in this kind of weird conspiracy that exists without really existing, but is stopped anyway whenever conspiracy theorists without any credibility write about it, is capable of holding many contradictory thoughts at once.

It ought too come as no surprise then, that Truther has also come out with the following two points of advice for how to foil the Illuminati:

– Return to Nature – Abandon the City Life & Quit The Rat Race
– Love One Another Unconditionally – Realize That We Are All One

If we are supposed to love one another unconditionally, how could we abandon all the cities in the world, categorizing them as automatically worthless?

If we are all one, how could we possibly quit the Rat Race? Aren’t Rat Racers in the city also part of the One?

If everyone in the cities abandons the cities, won’t their settlements out in the countryside become new cities?

Such questions as these only matter to people who have yet to realize that, because we are all One, there is no difference between city and country, between quitting and continuing, between love and abandonment, or between the United States of America and China.

We are all One… one deluded paranoid conspiracy theorist sitting alone, coming up with implausible prophecies of doom. If you don’t realize this, it’s only because you’re a dupe of the System.

Is that clear? Abandon all hope and start a prepper hideout in the countryside, while maintaining your quality time with the cities. You can have it all!

2 thoughts on “Will There Be A Chinese Attack Against America Before July 4th?”

  1. Bill says:

    Provided you can figure out how to make it pay, being a conspiracy-futurist is a pretty sweet gig. Every time you fail you can call it a success: your courageous act of shining a bright light on the impending conspiracy foiled its organizers’ efforts, forcing them to call off the action until another day. Sweet.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Bill, let’s figure out how to monetize it, and then go into business together.

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