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The Mystery Of The Hum

global humHave you heard The Hum?

The World Hum Map and Database isn’t a directory of people who like to repeat catchy tunes they’ve heard, but in a low key way.

It’s a web site that is attempting to document the perception, among a very small portion of any given human population, that there is a persistent, annoying low humming noise that can be heard practically anywhere.

It’s called a mystery hum, and scientists have proposed that it could be coming from Navy sonar or breeding fish.

Couldn’t it just be tinnitus, a medical condition in which people hear ongoing, often annoying ringing, roaring, or humming sounds? The National Health Service of the UK explains that “for some people, tinnitus can be a low-frequency noise, such as humming, murmuring, rumbling or deep droning.”

What’s the mystery?

Mystery aside, have any Irregular Times readers heard The Hum?

3 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Hum”

  1. Bill says:

  2. Bob - Vietnam war vet. says:

    I have had tinnitus for over 40 years. I got it from military service during the Vietnam war. It has been verified by the VA. Yes, I have heard a hum occasionally. I thought it was coming from outside my home, but I covered my ears with my hands and the hum was still there. Mostly, I have the very high-pitched sound that goes up and down in volume. It’s like a continuous siren and it is most noticeable in a quiet room.

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