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Flakes of What?


I often see bumper stickers I don’t agree with, but this might be the first bumper sticker I really don’t understand — the whole purpose of bumper stickers is to be understood, after all.

What do you put in a bale that has flakes?  Not hay.  Not cotton.  Not anything else I can think of.  This bumper sticker just doesn’t match up.  It isn’t making sense.  There’s no point to it.  Unless that’s what the bumper sticker is trying to portray, in which case…

… ohhhhhhh.  Good one.

3 thoughts on “Flakes of What?”

  1. Steve Kemper says:

    When square baled hay in our region is broken apart by hand (twine ties cut) the hay in the bale responds to the alleviation of this pressure by expanding and definate small “slabs” or flakes are noticeable. So, if you are short a few flakes, you will lack a full bale.

    It is not unusual, when feeding an animal by hand, such as a horse, to hear a person say, “Just give Silver a few flakes of hay'”

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Never heard that before. Always good to learn something new. Thanks, Steve.

  2. Dave says:

    Thank you, Steve, Jim. I learned something today. Reminds me of a carpenter who told me once that someone was “about a half-bubble out of plumb.”

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