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If People Are Created In The Likeness Of God, And People Like Pornography, Then…

Independent Political Report brings to our attention the interesting political agenda of a small political party calling itself the Prohibition Party. Though it’s named the Prohibition Party, and it’s anti-pornography, the party doesn’t seek to prohibit pornography.

The Prohibition Party explains. “Believing that we, as humans, are created in the image and likeness of God, we call for the taxation of all forms of internet pornography at a level which discourages it, as well as all other types of pornography, from being produced and/or sold in the United States.”

So, shouldn’t they call themselves the Discouragement Through Heavy Taxation Party?

Also when the Prohibition Party explains that it wants the government to discourage pornography, because people are created in the image and likeness of God, what does that imply about what God really thinks of pornography?

The Prohibition Party’s argument seems to lead to the following logic:

Premise A – People are like God.
Premise B – People like pornography.
Conclusion – God likes pornography.

Does the Prohibition Party propose that God be heavily taxed for the production and viewing of pornography? After all, God is supposed to have created everything, including pornography, and to see everything, including all the pornography in he world. So… God should be making some pretty hefty payments to the IRS if the Prohibition Party comes to power.

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