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Adam Kwasman Sees Fear In Child Immigrant Buses, And YMCA Campers

adam kwasman for congressYou know it’s an election year when politicians suddenly discover that there’s an immigration crisis. Every two years, America experiences an immigration crisis, just in time for a congressional election.

In the Arizona 1st congressional district race, Republican candidate Adam Kwasman has jumped on the anti-immigrant bandwagon… or, you might say, he has hopped on the bus.

This week, Kwasman was taking part in a protest of Americans who were angry about young children finding refuge in the United States, when, in the middle of a speech, he stopped what he was saying, and started running toward a bus. “Bus coming in!” he called out. “This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law.”

Kwasman told a TV news reporter that the bus was filled with children who ought to be kicked out of the United States. He said that he could see fear on the faces of the children on the bus. Then, the reporter informed Kwasman that the bus was not filled with child refugees from other countries. It was filled with American children heading to a YMCA camp.

“We must do everything necessary to secure the border,” says Adam Kwasman. Apparently, Kwasman’s idea of everything necessary includes freaking out in public and chasing down buses full of children.

If anything needs to be abrogated, it’s the Adam Kwasman for Congress campaign.

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