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Big Data, Doctor Who, And Bob’s Burgers

This, the latest installment of How Big Data Is Going To Make Human Insight Obsolete, comes to us courtesy of Netflix, which assures me that, because I watched Doctor Who, I will want to watch Bob’s Burgers…

(“This animated series centers on Bob Belcher and his ragtag clan of burger-flippers, who are desperate to get their greasy spoon off the ground.”)

big data netflix algorithm genius… and Scrubs…

(“A young attending physician and his fellow doctors practice mischief and medicine while learning life lessons at the Sacred Heart teaching hospital.”)

… along with Family Guy…

(“In Seth MacFarlane’s no-holds-barred animated show, buffoonish Peter Griffin and his dysfunctional family experience wacky misadventures.”)

… and Top Gear…

(“Jeremy Clarkson and his crew of car lovers test the limits of luxury vehicles in this hit show that also features celebrities racing on a test track.”)

Brilliant algorithms, there. Yes, and because I bought a pack of gum at the grocery store last week, I’d probably like a can of spam today. Please, bring on the spam.

One thought on “Big Data, Doctor Who, And Bob’s Burgers”

  1. Stephen King says:

    Nailed it.

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