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One thought on “In The Right Kind Of Car”

  1. Mark says:

    There’s a current advertising campaign from Drive Time auto sales where a man is “rescued” from a packed bus and taken to one of their dealerships where he can buy a car. The implication is that anyone who is riding the bus is doing so because they can’t afford to purchase a car. I find this implication insulting. I ride the bus to work daily and I can honestly say that nearly everyone on the bus with me chooses to ride rather than drive to work. I see most of the riders driving their cars to the park and ride lot. It’s an easier commute. We enjoy the time talking with the other people on the bus or simply reading the newspaper or a book. We save money on gas and parking. It’s better for the environment. I’m surprised more people don’t take the bus especially because the university I work for and the other college in town both subsidize our rides. The administrations have realized it’s cheaper to pay the bus company an annual fee as opposed to constructing and maintaining new parking facilities.

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