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193 House Republicans Vote For Big Government Control Over Business

Republican politicians like to say that they’re against Big Government. In particular, they like to tell voters that they oppose interference by the federal government with ability of business owners to decide how to run their own companies. They claim to believe in free markets, not centralized government control of the economy.

That’s what Republican politicians like to say, anyway. Yesterday, GOP politicians voted the other way: In favor of legislation that allows the President of the United States to engage in centralized planning of the American economy.

193 Republican members of the House of Representatives (79 percent of all House Republicans) voted to approve H.R. 4809. H.R. 4809 is a bill to reauthorize Defense Production Act. The Defense Production Act allows the President of the United States to direct private companies and publicly traded corporations, telling them what kind of items they should produce, and with what materials, and at what funding levels.

Centralized government control of American manufacturing: The House Republicans are now on the record as being in favor of it.

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