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What Are The American Values That The Campaign For American Values Supports?

The Campaign for American Values is a Super PAC, and as such, it likes to keep a lot of secrets. There are a few things that the Campaign for American Values is up front about, however, and those include its agenda, which is to… uh… support American values.

What are American values, anyway?

The United States of America is a democracy, which means that our society is set up to encourage people to have vigorous, open disagreements about the values that they regard as important. American values center around a diversity of opinion. No single organization, therefore, could honestly claim to represent American values.

That makes the Campaign for American Values inherently incoherent…

… unless, maybe, once upon a time, when the nation was smaller, and newer, all Americans agreed upon the same values. Maybe, an organization could claim that by representing these original universal values, it is representing authentic American values. So, then, maybe the Campaign for American Values could find representatives of American values from that time, from among the founders of our nation, and support a return to their values.

Let’s see, who was among the famous founders of our nation. How about Ethan Allen, leader of the Green Mountain Boys, who took Fort Ticonderoga from the British? Ethan Allen certainly had values. He even wrote a book about his values, called The Oracles Of Reason, in which he declared, “I am no Christian,” complained that, ”we are under the tyranny of priests, since as it ever has, it will be their interest to invalidate the law of nature and reason, in order to establish systems incompatible therewith,” and commented, ”That Jesus Christ was not God is evident in his own words.”

So, does the Campaign for American Values PAC take up these old-fashioned American values of repudiating Christianity? For some reason, no. The largest recipient of money from the Campaign for American Values in 2014 is an organization that is dedicated to preventing Americans from getting married.

That’s a curious thing, because, try as I might to find an historical figure from the days of the American Revolution who believed in stopping people from getting married, I just can’t find one.

One thought on “What Are The American Values That The Campaign For American Values Supports?”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:


    Unfortunately, the situation is much worse than you suggested. You said, “maybe, once upon a time, when the nation was smaller, and newer, all Americans agreed upon the same values.” It only takes a few minutes of reading about either the American Revolution or the original Constitutional Congress to discover that there was no more harmony then than there is now. Rather than a democracy, the U.S. can best be described as a “Constitutional Monarchy”. That means, as long as 51% or more of the “representatives” of the people vote on some concoction of legal words in a bill, all of the citizens are then forced by the legal system to obey the “proclamation” of the government. The role of “King” has been replaced by a dysfunctional legislature. BUT, the result is the same. All citizens are then FORCED to follow the PROCLAMATION of the law. . (Is there a better alternative? Sure. See the website. But that’s another discussion.)

    I do, however, think there could be a way to make a claim to represent American Values. History! That is, a group would need to review how Americans did things over the past. If they found behaviors or opinions that a large percentage of Americans had in common, they could claim those were “American VALUES.”

    The problem, however, is that most groups want things that they call “values” to be behaviors that have pretty positive current political acceptance. For many practices that were very well accepted at one time or another in the U.S., this was NOT the case. Slavery, for example, was very common and well accepted at the time of the American Revolution. So, any HONEST listing of American “values” would have to include slavery and the oppression of minorities. But “honesty” is NOT a value that Americans can easily claim. Hypocrisy yes. Of course, you will not see many groups that will include this.

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