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93 Words that Will Bring an Atheist to Their Knees (And This Atheist Has to Admit They DID!)

Today Christian shares “93 Words That Will Bring An Atheist To Their Knees!“:

Dear Lord,

I pray today that you would touch the heart of my friend who does not acknowledge your existence.

Let the spirit of pride, doubt and unbelief leave their minds. Let their hearts be tender to the words that would be spoken to them.

Reveal yourself to them in a way that they would know that you are there for them. Let my words and actions toward them be led by love and mercy.

I pray that they would humble themselves and acknowledge you as Lord and Savior. In Jesus Name. Amen

So what does it mean that the spirit of pride, doubt and unbelief has not left my mind, that my heart is not tender to Christian proselytization, that no God character has has revealed itself in a way that can’t be denied, and that I haven’t humbled myself to the God character or acknowledged it as my lord or savior?

I would seem to mean that all this prayer didn’t work. Did it not work because there is no God? Or did it not work because there is a God, but that God really isn’t all that interested in converting any more people to Christianity? Both are possibilities. But what’s certainly true is that those words didn’t bring me to my knees. I’m not awestruck, I’m not changed by these words, and I’m certainly not brought to my knees. I’d know if I were brought to my knees. My knees are kind of creaky these last few years, after all, and kneeling on the floor in awe would be memorably painful. As a matter of fact, I’d probably remember it the next day. That kind of unusual activity makes my knees sore for days afterward, you know.

…Hey, wait a minute! Those 93 words did bring me around to my knees after all! It’s a miracle. Praise be.

8 thoughts on “93 Words that Will Bring an Atheist to Their Knees (And This Atheist Has to Admit They DID!)”

  1. Bob - Vietnam war vet. says:

    “touch the heart”—reminds me of the fact that ancient people, even the Romans for a long time, believed that everything was in the heart, including thinking. They had no idea what that grey matter was in the skull. Some of the Romans believed the stuff in the skull was to get heat out of the body. In cold weather, they saw steam coming off the heads of people and that’s where that “heat radiator” idea came from. Well, we know that the heart is a muscle that pumps the blood and that’s all it does! Also, it’s been over 2,000 years and JC hasn’t come back to Earth. Could that be because the Romans killed him? Yes. IMO, belief in “God” and “Gods” are the result of human ignorance, fear, superstition, lack of knowledge of science, need for an excuse to do various things, like starting a war (Nazi Germany–soldiers had belt buckles that said, “Gott mit Uns”–God with us.” See: Religion IS the opiate of the People. Each generation brain-washes the next. AND, look at the large number of criminal / sociopaths (Jones, Jeffs, Bakker, Koresh, Crouch, ad nauseum, who use / have used religion to (1) get rich (2) control people and (3) commit sexual abuse and/or rape to satisfy their grossly abnormal sexual desires.

  2. marciahi says:

    You blatant denial of the existence of God will eventually bring you to your knees…I was in a plane once and was seated by an atheist.. we began to have turbulence and extremely rough ride…When they gave us instructions on crash landings the atheist began to pray as fervently as any born again Christian….He was atheist until he really needed God…by the way the plane made it…guess God heard his prayer.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Eyeroll, hilarious!

      Exactly how do you know I’m not in a dire situation right now, marciahi?

  3. David Kantz says:

    Bob: Thinking is not all in the brain. We know, for example, that “thinking” at higher levels is blocked by body conditions such as hunger, lack of sleep or emotions such as anger, fear. There is this argument (I’m told — but I have insufficient expertise to be able to validate this) that the electromagnetic field generated by the heart is on the order of 1,000 times more intense than the analogous field generated by the brain. Assuming that’s true, the activity of the heart has significant influence over the brain; regardless, your assertion that “the heart is a muscle that pumps the blood and that’s all it does” is clearly incorrect.

  4. Bill says:

    As a Christian myself, I have a much shorter and more general-purpose prayer that I much prefer:

    “Dear Lord: you already know what the hell I expect you to do, so get to work, slacker!”

    Ain’t worked yet, though….

    1. Randy says:

      Bill, great prayer, but like all the rest it falls on no ears

      1. Bill says:

        Know what you mean. Unlike the more god-bothery denominations of my faith, my own denomination and I both believe that intercessory prayer is properly performed with one’s hands, not on one’s knees.

    2. Jim Cook says:


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