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Alabama Christians Call For Stoning, Lynching, and Shooting Of Atheists

Alabama resident Amanda Scott was only asking for equality under the law.

In response, she got death threats.

Seeing that Christians had been allowed to place a religious display with messages explicitly promoting their beliefs on government land in Mobile Alabama, Scott asked if Alabama atheists could have the same privilege, and place an atheist display, promoting atheist ideas, on the the city government’s land.

Alabama Christians responded to her request with incitements to violence against Amanda Scott, posting calls for her exile or execution on the Facebook page of a local television station, WKRG. They called for her to be assaulted, to be hung, to be shot dead, merely for asking that atheists be given the same legal status as Christians.

The Friendly Atheist has documented the astonishingly crude Christian response to Amanda Scott’s assertion of atheist equality. That’s a good first step.

However, I don’t think it goes far enough. The Friendly Atheist posts screenshots of incitements to violence and other extreme reactions to Scott’s advocacy on behalf of atheists. In a graphic screenshot, however, the names of those who are seeking to stir up a violent mob against Scott, or to otherwise deprive her of her rights, isn’t permanently documented online.

Given that these Alabama Christians have decided to go onto a publicly-available social media web site, and declare their desire for physical assault or legal discrimination against Amanda Scott, I think that their extremist views should become more widely known to their neighbors and coworkers. Facebook comments aren’t always indexed on Google, but Irregular Times articles are.

So, I’m using the power of the Internet to shame these violent people who believe that people who don’t share their Christian religion deserve to be exiled, attacked, and killed. It’s time to call out these bigots who are threatening violence against Amanda Scott. So, I’ll be posting their identities prominently here tonight. When prospective employers look them up to see what kind of people they are, I hope they find these profiles in bigotry, and think twice.

The first Profile in Bigotry: Bennie Ashby

6 thoughts on “Alabama Christians Call For Stoning, Lynching, and Shooting Of Atheists”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Here in Texas (!), we have a law against “terroristic threats,” defined in relevant part as threatening to commit any offense involving violence to any person with intent place any person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Sounds to me like Amanda Scott would be a victim of a terroristic threat, if all this occurred in Texas. Social media have opened up a new avenue for such threats. Does Alabama have a similar law?

  2. Lori Choman says:

    Dianna Love is a clerk for the City of Mobile. She has her employment posted on her FB page.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Thanks for the tip, Lori.

      1. Lori Choman says:

        You’re welcome. I have some information on some of the others too. Steve ORourke is a musician. Johan Dismukes lists owner-operater at Worthy Insurance Agency 2008 to present as his employment. I left a review. ๐Ÿ™‚ Michael Graham lists his employment as The Odd Duck Brotherhood, which does setups for concerts. Joan Hammett lists owner-manager at Emerald Skye as her employment, with her previous as CJM retired and West Virginia DPS.

        I have all their FB profiles if you want them, just email me and I’ll send email them back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sara Radtke says:

    That’s a damn shame in this day and age. If I lived in Alabama , I’d never cop to being a Satanist…which in their biblical man made definition is a ” murdering , BA y killing ” blah blah..try humanitarian. Lol. It’s sad when you can’t even be an atheist or hose the right not to bow her head in prayer,all though I sometimes do out of respect depending on the situation. After all , I wish the same peaceful respect and don’t wish invoking,involving myself,or being the victim of such ignorant violence. If these KKK fucktarded lynch fucks were infact SECURE IN THEIR GOD,THEIR JESUS,THEIR FAITH and/or were just generally good people .. They’d leave this poor girl alone. I’m sorry to hear that short sighted narrow minded unintelligent people have made her life so horrible. Trust me Amanda Scott… I’ve been there I lived it. Stay strong.

  4. Jenny Blank says:

    Here in Oregon, Secularists (Legal umbrella for: Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and NONES)
    have the same rights under the law that apply to religion. (Supreme Court ruling last year)
    If the religious zealots had the ambition to look up the word “Atheist” in a dictionary, they would understand that is simply means: “Having no belief in any god or gods”. How the bible thumpers turned it into Satan worship (NO GODS…INCLUDING SATAN)is…well, it’s propaganda spread by fear mongering leaders, and perpetuated by the mentally enslaved who follow them.
    The kind of religious bullying that goes on in the bible belt is not tolerated in the Pac Norwest. No one threatens Atheists out here. We don’t refuse service to gays or transgender people, and we sure as hell couldn’t get away with public threats toward ANYONE! Intolerance and bigotry are not popular with our courts…nor in public opinion. The zealots must not be allowed to be in charge. They do not possess special knowledge, they do not have special rights, regard, or reasons.
    When sanity becomes more “fashionable” in other states, Christians will no longer be allowed to behave like animals. Christian’s hearts and minds may be fixed…but their behaviors will sure as hell bend when the law starts doing it’s f–king job!
    No more kid gloves with these religious zealots! The ACLU is a only a phone call away, and your phone cam at your finger tips. When they act up: Record/Document/Report/Follow up.
    If they threaten violence, first call the police, then R/D/R/F!
    Then, defend yourself, your family, and your home with all the rights granted to you under the US Constitution, and, after you have done everything possible, shoot them before they shoot you.
    _sheesh…it’s wonder we’re not all British_

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