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Alabama Christians Urge Atheists To Commit Suicide

Have you heard that Christians are pro-life?

You wouldn’t know it from the way that Christians are acting down in Alabama. They’re calling for the death of Amanda Scott.

What did Scott do, that makes her deserve to die?

She’s an atheist, and she asked the city government of Mobile to respect her equality under the law.

Scott’s simple act of standing up and asking for atheists to be accorded equal legal rights led local Christians to flood onto the Facebook page of a local television station, and demand that she be punished.

jonah dismukes mobile alabama christianBennie Ashby suggested Scott be killed with a gun.

Michael Graham, who works at the Odd Duck Brotherhood in Mobile, Alabama, proposed menacingly, “What ever happened to stoning people in the city square”.

Caity Hill, who lives in Heron Hill, Alabama and works at RSA Insurance, suggested a lynching: “Get a rope,” she wrote.

Dianna Love, who works as a clerk for the city government of Mobile, suggested that Amanda Scott might be threatened with rape or murder to convince her to become a Christian, writing, “I believe in God. In God We trust should not be an issue. I bet that if she was fixing to be raped or murdered she would be asking God to save her.”

Many other Alabama Christians didn’t call for Amanda Scott to be killed, but urged her to commit suicide.

One of these, Jonah Dismukes, owner of the Worthy Insurance Agency in Mobile Alabama, wrote, “I wish people like this would walk into traffic.”

So much for Christianity being pro-life.

One thought on “Alabama Christians Urge Atheists To Commit Suicide”

  1. Jack McCully says:

    These Christians are displaying the same bloodthirsty traits attributed to their so called God in numerous passages in the old testament.

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