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North Carolina NAACP Announces Moral Week of Action, August 22-28

Thanks to frequent visitor Bill for alerting me to the latest development in the “Moral Mondays” protests against conservative regression in North Carolina. From August 22 to August 28 the North Carolina NAACP is holding a “Moral Week of Action” with daily rallies in Raleigh. Every day demonstrators will meet on the Bicentennial Mall on 16 West Jones Street at 3:30 pm, then march to the North Carolina State Capitol building. These rallies will call on North Carolinians and North Carolina state legislators to “vote your dreams, not your fears.” If that sounds overly vague to you, fear not; each day has a particular substantive focus:

August 22: Labor Rights, Fair Living Wages and other Economic Issues
August 23: Education and Criminal Justice
August 24: Equal Protection Under the Law
August 25: Youth Issues
August 26: Women’s Rights
August 27: Health Care and the Environment
August 28: Voting Rights

North Carolina is riled up and agitating in the right direction. Help spread the word.

One thought on “North Carolina NAACP Announces Moral Week of Action, August 22-28”

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks, Jim. Please note that the final day’s event (Aug. 28) is intended to be a massive rally (on the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King’s dream and the March on Washington). It is going to be an uplifting and powerful event. If you can make it only for one of these 7 days, the 28th would be the day.

    Y’all come on down!

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