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An Alabama Christian’s Strange Alternative History

Many of the threats against Amanda Scott by Alabama Christians, in retaliation for her request for equal legal rights for atheists, were frighteningly violent. I described some of those earlier this week.

Many of the angry responses, however, were so incompetently made that they’re more laughable than scary. Among these were the comments made by David Ritch of Fowl River, Alabama. Ritch wrote, “This country was founded by God fearing people,not Godless people. If they dobg wish to believe that’s fine,our way of life shouldn’t change,they can join isis. I don’t like stupid people”

If atheists don’t like America being dominated by Christians, they can join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria?!? It seems that David Ritch isn’t quite getting the point of Amanda Scott’s request for equality under the law. ISIS shares the anti-secular attitude of many Alabama Christians, differing only in the particular religion that they seek to impose on their neighbors.

When someone wrote back to Ritch, saying, “No it wasn’t founded based on God,” Ritch replied, “Sorry but it was.the pope had much to do with it. If you don’t believe in God that’s fine,don’t take our rights to suit others,the minority.”

The Pope had much to do with the founding of the United States of America?!? Actually, no. In 1776, the Catholic portion of the population of the 13 colonies was much smaller than the atheist portion is today. There were only six Catholic priests in the colonies at the time of the revolution. As documented in the book Nature’s God, by Matthew Stewart, people who, like Amanda Scott, were considered infidels by their Christian neighbors were prominent among the most prominent leaders of the American Revolution.

It seems that, in Alabama, faith-based education has led to a strange alternative interpretation of history, and of interpretation of the law. In other places in the United States, it’s understood that democracy isn’t the same thing as allowing the majority to do whatever it wants. A true democracy balances the will of the majority with some fundamental guarantee of legal rights for everyone, in order to protect dissent.

The malicious ignorance of David Ritch indicates how dangerous it would be to allow a religiously-established government to replace the current secular government of the United States of America. If Ritch can believe that a Catholic Pope was central to the founding of the United States and that atheists and Islamic fundamentalists are allies, then he could just as easily believe that the government has a right to search and seize private documents, that the Constitution allows for the violent interrogation of prisoners, that English was the only language allowed in the early United States, that Saddam Hussein was behind the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001…

Hm. Maybe there are more Americans like David Ritch than I had presumed.

4 thoughts on “An Alabama Christian’s Strange Alternative History”

  1. John McArdle says:

    Oh, you mean the fundie evangelicals [king james bible protestants?] in the USA who vote for “rEPuBLiTARD/ republicans? Thinking Jesus would be a republican and taking monies from social safety net programs[food stamps-unemployment etc.] to offset taxation of the wealthier? [laughing!] THE USA has had a problem since 1980 where the republican party duped the low income low IQ in the red states [red neck racists] Senior Citizens [see ronnie reagan stupidity] Trickle down economics. (AND) The “fundie” evangelicals. ” Only the white southern baptists will be going to heaven” SEE – Jerry Falwell [what a jerk!] The Bush Family JR & SR ruined The USA economically – Not Obama, Playing payback to Saddam Hussien? – see weapons of mass destruction LIE! Now the rEPuBLiTARDS want to blame Obama, and with their republican majority congress they are trying to desperately make him FAIL in his presidency. November 2014 will be the critical LAST CHANCE and vote for americans to restore a democratic majority in congress and the senate so our president can be successful in his presidency. If this does not happen America will slowly become a 3rd world nation. The poor and unemployed will suffer even more. Welcome to UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT RESERVE INTELLIGENCE. The Pyramid with the eye on the dollar bill? – New World Order iLLUMINATi freemasonry Global Cabal? They eagerly await the aNTI-Christ Dajjal Jews “messiah”….. BEWARE grasshopper! BEWARE!

  2. Mark says:

    I would guess that the fundamentalist Christians lump all others into the category of “Heathens” or “Pagans” regardless of actual beliefs. We’re all the same if we’re not Christians.

    By the way, “ISIS” more correctly stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham”. They claim territory in more than just Iraq and Syria. al Sham (also known and Greater Syria) also includes sections of Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

    1. John McArdle says:

      Jerry Falwell “Only the white southern baptists who use the king james bible are going to heaven and will be raptured before armageddon.” [ignorance intolerance bigotry?] SEE Catholics in Northern Ireland = HELLO? THE USA is epic failure due to the rEPuBLiTARD/republicans. Low income/low IQ in the red states who vote republican?(rEPuBLiTARDS) Red neck racists? eVAnGeLiCALS…. yeah sure whatever you dimwitts say–> JESUS would be taking monies from social safety net programs to offset taxation of the wealthier? Uh huh yes right?(NOT!) Jimmy Carter “if you don’t want your taxpayer money going to help the poor you cannot possibly be a “Christian” THE END! We have epic failure since ronnie reagan trickle down LIE Bush family LIES weapons of mass destruction? VOTE THEM OUT! NOVEMBER 2014!

  3. Lee Harris says:

    You guys are ducking nuts and need to get a life!

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