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New Park in Rockland, Maine Celebrates Google Maps

“The brilliance of Google,” writes Owl Eyes Creative, “is that the company has grown to understand its users.”

trailer park rockland mainePart of understanding Google’s users is an understanding of where Google users live. Google has become an unrivaled expert at using the power of well-designed data mining to create a deeper level of understanding for users about the real-world geography that surrounds them.

Google’s accomplishments in this area are being celebrated around the world, but nowhere is this recognition stronger than in the small coastal community, which has dedicated a park to George Trailer, the principal architect of Google’s intelligent mapping systems. George Trailer lived in Rockland for a 7-month period while his parents were getting divorced back in 1997.

Right behind the stand-alone Walmart One Hour Photo booth on Route 1 lies the new Trailer Park, a green and peaceful area with playgrounds, picnic tables, a volleyball court, and the George Trailer Map Museum, which was dedicated today in a noontime ceremony. “Google’s maps are so accurate,” said Rockland resident Arthur Thentick, who attended the ceremony. “I think it’s a lovely thing that Trailer Park is now included on Google Maps, of which we are so proud. I couldn’t get around Rockland without his inventions.”

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