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In the southbound lane of the long, high metal and asphalt bridge over the Piscataqua River that divides New Hampshire from Maine, a grate covers a storm-water drain. Out of that drain, a lone sunflower plant has grown. Today it is in full blossom, facing its bloom toward the sun.

If you are a designer of inspirational greeting cards, pull out your high-speed camera.

If you are an author of motivational business books, start counting the ways in which low-paid corporate drudges aren’t working as hard as that sunflower.

If you have a sermon to write for next week, ask, “isn’t Jesus like that?”

If you are a cynic, think about the chances of a bumblebee making it all the way out there.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity”

  1. Jim Cook says:


    Nice essay, Adam.

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