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5 Ways To Celebrate National Aviation Day

Today is National Aviation Day. It’s an official holiday, established in 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, but banks are open during National Aviation Day, so that people can be sure to have access to money as they sit at airports, waiting for their delayed flights to finally board.

Of course, there are many ways to celebrate National Aviation Day, even if you won’t be flying today. Here are five things that you can do to observe the holiday:

1. Play Airplane

Get some of your friends together to sit in tightly compacted rows of chairs. Every couple of hours, take out your cell phones, and call someone to say, “I just landed. I’ll call you when I get there.” Then sit back down again.

2. Make the Airport Where You Are

The glamour of going to the airport can be recreated anywhere. Try it at a shopping mall. Just go up to a mall directory, and pretend it’s flight notification board. Put your hands on your hips, sigh, and then lie down on the floor.

3. Security Parties

It’s the Twister of our time. Invite your neighbors over for dinner, and ask them to take off their shoes and take off their belts as they come through the front door. Then pat them down for “security”, and let the fun begin.

4. Airport Dinner

Have a romantic airport dinner at home. Find a small table, and surround it with luggage. Put a big tray of condiments in the middle, and a large TV playing Fox News in the corner. For a special touch, bring out the plastic cutlery.

5. Rollerboard Relay Races

Pretend you’ve got just 10 minutes to get to your gate before your next flight takes off. Grab your luggage, and run… but as you’re pulling it behind you on its unsteady wheels. How far can you make it?

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Celebrate National Aviation Day”

  1. Bill says:

    And now making air travel even worse than ever before (I bet you didn’t think that was possible!): scum-sucking airport concessions firm OTG Management, which is bribing ever more airports to tear out most of their seating and turn their gate waiting areas into cramped mini-malls where if you want to sit down you can’t escape having an iPad right in your face, shoving constant advertising straight into your eyeballs. Minneapolis/St. Paul International has become my idea of Hell since OTG monetized their waiting areas for them. It’s a consumerism nightmare come true.

  2. A Dog and His Boy says:

    You idjits have finally resorted to completely printing nothing but nonsense, now haven’t you?

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