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Does Barack Obama Really Have Only One Month Left?

On a variety of right wing web sites, you’ll see an advertisement featuring a graphic that appears to show President Barack Obama, being picked up by three men, apparently after falling down.

obama falls only 1 month left

Could it be true? Does Barack Obama really have only one month left? Does he have a deadly disease that is causing him to fall down?

I can’t absolutely prove that Barack Obama won’t be dead within a month, or that he won’t be kicked out of the White House within a month. These things are always possible, for any President. No one can look into the future and say what’s going to happen with absolute certainty. I can’t even say for sure that the sun will rise tomorrow. It’s remotely possible that some cosmic disaster will remove the sun from the sky.

Given that, I can show that the right wing conspiracy theory that claims to have secret information proving that Barack Obama has only 1 month left is itself a load of hooey. All that’s needed to debunk the conspiracy theory is contained within the image itself.

barack obama falls fake photographFirst of all, we see that the image is a fake. Take a look at the picture shown here. On the right hand side, we see a photograph of Barack Obama from the web site, taken five days ago. It shows Barack Obama with a great deal of grey hair. On the left hand side, we see the image of Barack Obama used by the conspiracy theory advertisement. It shows Barack Obama with no grey hair at all. If it is a genuine photograph of Obama at all, it was taken a long time ago, and therefore cannot be evidence of a deadly disease that Barack Obama has contracted recently.

obama fake photograph skin color comparisonNow, let’s consider skin color. In the advertisement’s photograph, we see Barack Obama’s face, but what about his hands? As this image shows, putting one of the hands in the image right next to Obama’s face as shown in the same image, the skin color isn’t at all alike.

obama hand and face skin colorAs this next image, taken from a White House photograph, shows, the skin on the back of Barack Obama’s hand may be slightly lighter than the skin on his face, but only slightly – nothing like the stark difference shown in the “Only 1 Month Left” image. If you don’t believe this image, go to the web site, and search through the photos yourself. You’ll see that Barack Obama does not have pale hands.

patriot net daily obama 1 month left hoaxThe “Only 1 Month Left” image is clearly doctored, and a bad fake at that. Of course, it’s possible that this fake photograph has been used to refer to an actual conspiracy. Maybe Barack Obama does have just one month left, and right wingers who are writing about it are merely stupid enough to create a bad fake photograph to illustrate a valid story.

This last possibility is extinguished by a quick search using Tin Eye, a image search engine that automatically compares versions of similar images, to help people discover where images originally came from. A Tin Eye search this morning, September 1, 2014, shows that a web site called Patriot Net Daily posted this same image, asserting that Barack Obama has “only 1 month left”, back in November of 2013, almost ten months ago. The claim that Barack Obama has only 1 month left has thus been disproven 9 times already.

Despite this obvious problem, the right wing conspiracy theory sites keep on making this “only 1 month left” claim. Why? They obviously think that their right wing readership is too stupid to notice the problem. That much they may have gotten correct.

Put all this evidence of fraud aside, and there’s yet another simple test to verify the accuracy of this conspiracy theory: The test of time. Let’s wait a month, and see if Barack Obama is still around. If he is, then we will know for certain that Patriot Net Daily, and all the other right wing sites that carry the “only 1 month left” message, are unreliable sources of information about secrets and scandals in the Obama Administration.

2 thoughts on “Does Barack Obama Really Have Only One Month Left?”

  1. Jack McCully says:

    What on earth can the right wing gain from this obvious pack of lies?

    1. J Clifford says:

      I’ve been thinking about that, and one conclusion I’ve come to is that they seek to divert attention from the actual problems that are taking place. They create outlandish stories, knowing that the wilder the claims they make, the less wild real conspiracies will seem. In a sense, I think they want to desensitize the American people, so that the next time we hear about coverups of torture, or gigantic electronic spy networks, these news stories will seem either like just another wild hoax, or like small potatoes next to stories of satanic islamic communist reptile invaders from outer space using guillotines in Georgia to cut the heads off of American patriots who just want to homeschool in peace.

      My effort in debunking these stories is to redirect our attention, to reestablish the distinction between the genuine assaults on liberty that we face and the crazy babbling nonsense we hear from right wing nuts.

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