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Joe Biden’s Bring Them On

When George W. Bush responded to Iraqi rebel leaders who were attacking American soldiers by telling them to, “Bring ’em on”, it was a sign that Bush’s war in Iraq had swerved into reckless aggression without a plan.

Today, the American have been given another ssign, this time that the Obama Administration is taking our nation back into the same dangerous territory. Vice President Joseph Biden has declared to ISIS, a relatively new group of rebels in Iraq, that, “we will follow you to the gates of Hell.

Will we follow ISIS to the gates of Hell? Why would we do such a thing? What good would it do?

Of course, Hell isn’t a real place. What Vice President Biden meant to communicate is that the United States will pursue ISIS, and punish them with violence, regardless of how much pain and suffering our nation endures in the process.

It’s the kind of line that sounds really cool coming from the lips of an action hero during a summertime matinee. In real life, it’s an idiotic threat to make.

No one who thinks it’s a good idea to drag the United States of America through hell in pursuit of a vendetta should have any position at all in the White House, much less the position of Vice President.

We dont need swaggering threats. We need leaders who are capable of self control and intelligent action. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that the current Democratic occupants of the White House have been able to deliver on that need. Just last week, Barack Obama admitted that, in spite of the fact that he’s taking the American military back into Iraq, he doesn’t have any plan for what to do with them there, or how to get them back out.

Have we learned nothing from the disaster of George W. Bush’s war in Iraq?

The lesson we should have learned is this: Yeehaw is not a foreign policy, whether the cowboy who’s hooting and hollering is a Republican or a Democrat.

No military action should take place, and no American soldiers should be transported back into Iraq, until the Obama Administration can show that it has a comprehensive, rational plan of action. In order to be comprehensive and rational, such a plan needs to show how the United States can get back out of Iraq without leaving behind the same wreckage it did last time.

The last time the United States went to war in Iraq, we spent years trying to forge political alliances, and beat back extremist rebels. It didn’t work.

What would be different this time around?

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden don’t have an answer to that question. Even worse, they don’t appear to have even considered the question.

If Joseph Biden really wants to go to the gates of Hell, he should be prepared to go it alone.

One thought on “Joe Biden’s Bring Them On”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    How disappointing — the Obama administration was supposed to be the remedy to “Yeehaw!” as a foreign policy.

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