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Plant It Forward

There are many things going wrong in the world, and we write about a good deal of them here at Irregular Times. However, it’s important from time to time to give simple recognition to some of the positive efforts that people are making things a bit better in the world.

plant it forwardAmong these is the Plant It Forward campaign by Trees For The Future. The Plant It Forward program seeks to address environmental degradation and rural poverty by helping communities to plant small forest gardens. These gardens increase environmental sustainability in small-scale agriculture, and provide economic income to the people who serve as their stewards. Trees For The Future explains in its 2014 Plan Of Action, “planting trees lessens pressure on forests by enabling families to become self-sufficient in producing what they need from trees.” The organization is working with people in 16 countries to plant four and a half million seedlings this year alone.

Earth Conscious Optics is providing matching funds to donations made to the Plant It Forward campaign. Charity Navigator notes that 58.1 percent of donations go into the Trees For The Future programs themselves. So, with matching funds available, all of your donation to the group will go to help people transition to from eco-degrading monocultures to forest gardens in economically struggling communities.

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