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School Me In Scottish independence

In a little bit more than a day from now, Scotland will vote about whether to become a country independent from the United Kingdom. I have no earthly clue why this matters.

I am an American completely unschooled in the injustices between the British nations.

What is there, besides independence itself, that the Scots wish to achieve? What do they suggest will happen if Scotland becomes independent? Will the people there stop being Scottish and become nearly Scots?

Teach me Seamus, the ways of Highland justice. Tell me why your independence matters.

4 thoughts on “School Me In Scottish independence”

  1. Tom Betz says:

    Willy Lynch offers a great audio primer on the subject from last Saturday’s “This Is Hell” radio show on WNUR in Evanston, IL. Well worth the listen.

    It boils down to the majority of Scots leaning waaay to the left of England, offering an opportunity for a more equitable state, wiser use of the proceeds from the sale of North Sea resources, and a better life for the average Scot; and a potential example against gobalist capitalism in general

  2. Tom Betz says:

    Hm. For some reason the SoundCloud link in my prior comment isn’t clickable, so I put it in the “Website” field for this one.

  3. Peregrin Wood says:

    North Sea resources, huh? Oil money. I’m beginning to get the picture of what this election is about.

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