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Sex Gap in Pay Narrows to Smallest Extent in U.S. History

In the face of a mantra of “only get worse“, “only get worse,” “only get worse,” “only get worse,” I offer this instance of bad matters getting better. The U.S. Census Bureau has just released information on the gap in median pay between men and women working full-time year-round in the United States:

Sex Gap in Pay in 2013 narrowed to 78.3%

Median pay for men and women is by no means equal, but 2013 saw movement in a positive direction. Among those working full-time year-round, women earned 78.3% of what men earned. This is the smallest pay gap between men and women in U.S. history.

The reasons for the sex gap in pay are many: differences in experience, employer, occupation, educational major, and discrimination are among these. I do not mean to conclude that the situation today is perfect — only that in this respect the situation is getting better.

Against a backdrop of troubling news, it is helpful to remember that things can get better. Hope is not an unreasonable affliction.

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