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Hankering for Yahoo Pyramids? Find the Kobash solution

Every now and then, when the world’s a bit much to take, some people take to church. Some people meditate. Some people chant. I play cards. There’s something about the rhythm of a game of solitaire that wonderfully clears the mind of whatever came before it. When I put down those cards, I’m ready to return to my troubles with a fresh mind.

A free online solitaire card game that used to suit my purposes was Yahoo’s Pyramids, on the Yahoo Games platform. I can’t link to that game anymore, because Yahoo Games has been redesigned. Links to games are interspersed with sneaky fake games that turn out to be advertisements. The new Yahoo games are filled with requests to make in-app purposes. The real game at Yahoo Games is called SuckerFarm — and it turns out you’re the vegetable they want to cultivate.

When all these new sleazy games were added to Yahoo Games, the old Yahoo Pyramids card game was tossed out. I was a bit bummed out until I came across the website of Brian Kobashikawa, who like me got hooked on the Pyramids card game when Yahoo hosted it. “Kobash” has programmed and released his own Pyramids solitaire game. His game plays just like the old Yahoo version, and just like the old version it’s free. I can’t find any evidence of spammy tricksiness on Kobash’s website, either. If you’re looking for a brief mind-wiping distraction from the cares of the world, give Kobash’s Pyramids a try.

7 thoughts on “Hankering for Yahoo Pyramids? Find the Kobash solution”

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks Jim! I’ve been wasting my time with Jewel Quest (or JQ Solitaire) and Mahjong. They’re fun and “mind-clearing” also (or is it mind-numbing?).

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Sometimes numbing is the path to clearing.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    It’s worth noting that in the new Windows 10 operating system, this same game is built-in. Visit the Start menu, then select games, then solitaire, then “Tri-Peaks.”

  3. Carole says:

    How come I can’t get into Brian’s Pyramids game anymore? This was the perfect solitaire game from yahoo at kobash games.

    1. Louis says:

      I also cannot get into it. I miss it.

  4. Carole says:

    Hey Louis –
    I’ve got good news. I am able to get into Pyramids again. Go to kobash/games/pyramids
    then chose pyramids solitaire – Brian Kobashikawa. My thought is that you can’t access it from yahoo like we used to be able to do. Happy playing again!

    1. Louis says:

      That worked! Thank you so much.

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