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The Fall Of Frig

It’s Friday, and that means that… oh, hell, it’s Friday, so who knows what anything means at this point? The work week has driven out most of any sense of direction that we started with on Monday morning.

frig goddess According to an article by Ethan Doyle White, in a recent issue of the journal Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural, even the basis of the very name Friday is in question. The traditional belief has been that Friday is Frig’s day, named in honor of Frig, the Norse divinity of female fertility.

Re-examining the evidence, White concludes that “Far less can be said about Frig with any certainty than has been previously supposed, suggesting that a case can even be made that she had never existed as a deity in Anglo-Saxon England at all.” Thus, the name Friday could have come from practically anything at all.

If Friday is not Fri’s Day, what is it? I propose that we embrace the mystery, and the inherent mistiness of Friday. Let us recognize Friday as What The Hell Day.

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