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Americans Elect Veterans Form Two Groups to Interfere in Kansas Senate Race

Kenneth Vogel and Tarini Parti of Politico have come out with a scoop: the people behind the 2012 privatize corporate presidential election effort called Americans Elect are regathering their forces to sway a U.S. Senate race in Kansas. Private equity tycoons Peter Ackerman and Thomas Burbank, who used the Americans Elect brand to massively fund support for Angus King’s Senate race two years ago, are now massively funding an effort to support the Senate race of Greg Orman in Kansas. Guess Greg Orman’s professional background… that’s right: private equity management for the ultra-wealthy. As you can see here, Ackerman and Burbank have laid down a quarter of a million dollars to help their fellow private capital tycoon win election.

Their money brings more Americans Elect veterans in to do work: Douglas Schoen is working for Ackerman and Burbank now, but he was paid a great deal of money to do consulting work for Americans Elect, for Wall Street tycoon Michael Bloomberg, and for the pro-Wall Street billionaire Peter G. Peterson’s political empire. Another favorite media consultant for private capital interests, Matt Herath, has been hired on to promote Orman’s candidacy by the group. Herath worked worked for Bloomberg and Peter G. Peterson’s fake-grassroots campaigns when he wasn’t making WalMart look good, and now Herath is heading up Lighthouse Group LLC to make Orman look good on behalf of his new tycoon clients. According to Ackerman and Burbank’s spokesperson, they’ve also brought in Americans Elect leaders Kahlil Byrd and Cara Brown McCormick. Kahlil Byrd is apparently still using the same fax machine from the old Americans Elect days, if you want to say hi.

You may remember that this year Kahlil Byrd co-founded, along with fellow Americans Elect veteran Lawrence Lessig, the big-money-campaign-finance-reform Mayday Super PAC. Guess who the Mayday Super PAC recently started spending money to support? That’s right, the private capital tycoon Greg Orman.

Connections, connections.

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