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If New Jersey Families Want Tom MacArthur In Congress, Why Are Secret Sources Struggling To Prop Up His Campaign?

Tom MacArthur is the Republican candidate in New Jersey’s third congressional district, an open seat being vacated by current U.S. Representative Jon Runyan. This week, MacArthur was the beneficiary of a payment made to Spectrum Marketing Companies on behalf of an organization that calls itself New Jersey Family First Inc.

New Jersey Family First Inc.? Are families incorporated? What is this New Jersey Family First organization?

If New Jersey families really want to vote for Democratic candidate Aimee Belgard, why wouldn’t New Jersey Family First respect that? Why are they trying to manipulate the public election, rather than allowing New Jersey families to express their own choices without interference?

The first thing you need to know is that New Jersey Family First Inc. is not working just in New Jersey.

Earlier this year, New Jersey Family First Inc. filed information with the FEC, listing paid operations at the following address:

Majority Strategies
135 Professional Drive Suite 104
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082

new jersey family first majority strategies

Does this look like where New Jersey families live?

Much of the political work that, New Jersey Family First Inc. is doing is out of Florida first, and only about New Jersey sometime after that.

What is this Majority Strategies organization for which New Jersey Family First Inc. seems to serve as a front? Here’s how Majority Strategies describes itself: “Majority Strategies is widely regarded as the premier direct mail firm in the country…”

Does that sound like New Jersey families first?

In my family, we’re open about where we get our money. New Jersey Family First Inc. is not. It refuses to tell the FEC where its donors come from, or even if their donors are from within New Jersey. The secret sponsors of New Jersey Family First could be in China, for all we know.

“New Jersey” Family First… just what are they trying to hide?

new jersey family first secrets

2 thoughts on “If New Jersey Families Want Tom MacArthur In Congress, Why Are Secret Sources Struggling To Prop Up His Campaign?”

  1. Scott Neuman says:

    Tom MacArthur charged with Voter Fraud.

  2. Scott Neumam says:

    GOP Congressional Candidate Tom MacArthur accused in court filing of Voter Fraud.

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