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Arkansas Democrats, There Is An Alternative To Electing Another Blue Dog As Governor

Two years ago, Arkansas Congressman Mike Ross left the U.S. House of Representatives, and Democrats around the country breathed a huge sigh of relief. Ross had been leading the Blue Dog Democrats, a group of politicians who embraced Republican right wing policies while adopting the name of “Democrat” for the sake of political convenience. Mike Ross helped put the Democratic Party in the terrible spot it’s in today, with its progressive political base so alienated after years of Center Right posturing that Democratic turnout is projected to be astonishingly low in this year’s congressional elections.

josh drake arkansas governorWhy, Democratic voters are asking themselves, should I bother to turn out to vote when the Democratic Party is putting forth candidates who are almost as far to the Right as the Republicans?

Staying home may be a valid option for some, but for many, there is another choice. When the Democratic candidate is intolerable, sometimes there’s a Green Party alternative.

That’s the case in the race for the Governor’s seat in Arkansas, where right wing Blue Dog Mike Ross is running against right wing Republican Asa Hutchinson. Both Ross and Hutchinson are terrible choices. Luckily, the Arkansas Green Party is running Josh Drake as a genuine liberal candidate for Governor.

Mike Ross voted to cut Medicare funding in order to fund wasteful corporate military contracts. Ross voted with Republicans to block nuclear non-proliferation legislation. Ross spent his time in Congress supporting heavy handed resolutions to try to impose religious theocracy onto the population, instead of working on legislation to help create jobs for Americans. Instead of standing up for the constitutional right to privacy against unreasonable search and seizure, Mike Ross voted to approve renewals of the Patriot Act’s electronic surveillance regime. Instead of helping working Americans, Mike Ross voted for tax breaks for the rich.

Josh Drake openly aligns himself with the economic interests of the 99 Percent, rather than the 1 Percent elites. Rather than pushing the agenda of Big Oil, Josh Drake supports a genuine transition to renewable energy. Rather than special favors for big corporations and wealthy families, Josh Drake supports a progressive approach to taxation that asks those who have profited from the systems put in place by American government to pay their share.

Mike Ross was a disaster in the U.S. Congress. The last thing Arkansas needs is to see his right wing ideology in control of state government. Given Mike Ross’s long history of collaboration with the Republican Party, the reasonable choice on Election Day for progressive residents of Arkansas is Josh Drake.

One thought on “Arkansas Democrats, There Is An Alternative To Electing Another Blue Dog As Governor”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Interesting note that no Gren is running for Lieutenant Governor. Also, they run seperately rather then together in Arkansas.

    Governor Race
    Mike Ross (D) – Ex-Congressman & Ex-State Sen.
    Asa Hutchinson (R) – Ex-Congressman, Ex-DEA Administrator, Ex-US Attorney & ’06 Nominee
    Josh Drake (Green) – Attorney, Progressive Activist & Frequent Candidate
    Frank Gilbert (Libertarian) – DeKalb Township Constable, Ex-Tull Mayor, Ex-Grant County Coroner & Navy Veteran

    Lieutenant Governor Race
    Tim Griffin (R) – Congressman, Ex-US Attorney & Ex-Political Consultant
    John Burkhalter (D) – State Highway Commissioner, Real Estate Developer & Engineer
    Chris Olson (Libertarian) – Mental Healthcare Worker & Libertarian Activist

    The are also several other state wide races with no green.

    Secretary of State Race
    Mark Martin (R)* – Incumbent
    Susan Inman (D) – State Election Commission Chair & Ex-State Election Division Director
    Jacob Holloway (Libertarian) – GIS Research Asst., Ex-State College Democrats VP & ’12 US Rep. Candidate

    Attorney General Race
    Nate Steel (D) – State Rep. & Attorney
    Leslie Rutledge (R) – Attorney & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide
    Aaron Cash (Libertarian) – Attorney

    State Auditor Race
    Regina Stewart Hampton (D) – State Auditor’s Office Employee
    Andrea Lea (R) – State Rep. & Ex-Russellville City Councilwoman
    Brian Leach (Libertarian) – Software Developer & ’12 Justice of the Peace Candidate

    State Treasurer Race
    Karen Garcia (D) – State Democratic Party Treasurer & Accountant
    Dennis Milligan (R) – Saline County Circuit Clerk & Ex-State GOP Chair
    Chris Hayes (Libertarian) – ’12 US Rep. Nominee

    State Land Commissioner Race
    John Thurston (R)* – Incumbent
    Mark Robertson (D) – Landscape Architect & ’12 State Rep. Candidate
    Elvis D. Presley (Libertarian) – Automobile Painting Technician

    The Senate race is statewide, but for a federal office though.

    Senate Race

    Mark Pryor (D)* – Incumbent
    Tom Cotton (R) – Congressman, Attorney & Afghan War Veteran
    Mark Swaney (Green) – Mechanical Engineer, Progressive Activist & ’10 State Rep. Nominee
    Nathan LaFrance (Libertarian) – Energy Executive
    Scott Pfleegor (Write-In) – ’04/’08 State Sen. Candidate

    Then there are the Congressional Districts.

    Rick Crawford (R)* – Incumbent
    Jackie McPherson (D) – Heber Springs Mayor & Restaurant Owner
    Brian “Scotty” Willhite (Libertarian) – Teacher & USAF Veteran

    French Hill (R) – Banker & Ex-Bush White House Aide
    Patrick Henry Hays (D) – Ex-North Little Rock Mayor, Ex-State Rep., Attorney & Army Veteran
    Debbie Standiford (Libertarian) – Graphic Artist, Pulaski County Libertarian Chair & ’12 State Rep. Nominee
    Charles Neely (Write-In) – Computer Administrator & Homeless Community Activist

    3 no Democrat running here
    Steve Womack (R)* – Incumbent
    Grant Brand (Libertarian) – Food Bank Employee

    Bruce Westerman (R) – State House Majority Leader, Ex-Fountain Lake School Board Pres. & Agricultural Engineer
    James Lee Witt (D) – Ex-FEMA Director, Ex-Yell County Judge & Emergency Preparedness Consultant
    Ken Hamilton (Libertarian) – Accountant & Bluegrass Music Disk Jockey
    Janis Percefull (Write-In) – College Instructor & Historian

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