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As WalMart Refuses a Livable Wage, 11/28 Black Friday Protests Loom

The Walton family members who own the WalMart shopping chain are among the richest people in America. They got rich the dirty way — by having WalMart treat overseas sweatshop production workers like dirt and refuse to pay a living wage to its workers, who it strings along with part-time work so it can avoid offering benefits. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Mean, mean, mean. People come last at WalMart.

If you think people should come first at WalMart, if you are sick of exploitation, if you think people should be paid a wage they can live on for a day’s work, consider joining the November 28 Black Friday protests outside WalMart stores across the country. Protesters will call shoppers’ attention to the horrible working conditions under WalMart and call WalMart to the carpet on the largest shopping day of the year. It will take bodies to get WalMart to budge. Will you add your body?

2 thoughts on “As WalMart Refuses a Livable Wage, 11/28 Black Friday Protests Loom”

  1. George says:

    If you think you are worth more money go some where else and work . But don’t stand around bitching and crying to every one . Get a life !!!

  2. Bruce Nappi says:


    This Walmart controversy is an opportunity to bring a much higher level of understanding to a much bigger issue. It’s misleading and a waste of time to get sucked into the media’s attempt to framing the issue as a black/white problem about minimum wage. Economists have debated the whole concept of minimum wage for years.

    The WalMart minimum wage ruckus is a media distraction that the government is supporting to take the pressure off them for solving the real problems. WalMart get’s away with low wages, just like the food chains, because the higher paying jobs lost during the 2008 crash did not come back. So, the real question is, what can we do to get those jobs back? This is actually a much more complex and much, much more serious a problem than we are being told.

    All the proposals being presented, by either political party, are doomed to fail, because they are oblivious to the real problems. Those problems are: automation, global competition, saturation of goods, population growth and expectations, exhaustion of natural resources, AND failure of society to understand and adapt to how these forces interact.

    In short, during only the last 200 years, humanity has learned how to replace human labor with power driven machines. In the last 50 years, we have learned how to replace human thinking with computers. Once a machine is designed, it takes very little effort to duplicate it to make goods for 1 thousand people or 1 million, or 1 billion. The goods can also be made much cheaper than they can by human labor. Simple! But, humanity DOES NOT WANT TO FACE UP TO THIS! They want to believe in the “nostalgia” of the small family farm, but at the same time, want to pay the low prices only achievable by a large automated farm. Our society is living in DENIAL.

    We want access to products from all over the world, but don’t want to face up to the differences in labor cost and productivity around the world. We fill our houses with so much stuff, many people need to rent storage rooms to hold their “excess” stuff. When “we”, as consumers, don’t have any room for more STUFF and stop buying it, “we”, as workers, complain that “we”, meaning everyone else, aren’t buying enough. Our society is living in DENIAL.

    As the population explodes into the 7B range, all 7B will want the machines to make more stuff! They want to live like “Americans”. BUT, there is a problem! The earth’s natural resources are approaching DEPLETION! All the easy resources to get are gone: 50% of forests – gone. 90% of fish and wildlife – gone. 50% of hospitalizations are due to lack of clean water. Metals are experiencing shortages in every category. 33 nations are at risk of social unrest due to food shortages.

    SO, what does society refuse to face? The hard mathematics of growth and population. READ THIS CAREFULLY! More people live on earth today than ALL the humans who ever lived before 1970! That means, in the next 40 years or so, humanity will “try” to extract the same amount of resources from the earth that have already been taken during the whole length of civilization! And if we’ve already used more than 50%, how can we possibly do it?

    The point is, this isn’t just about a new minimum wage for U.S. jobs. It’s about world wide jobs and resource limits. Without natural resources, nothing can be produced. So, in only a few years, the Chinese, Indians and Europeans will also be looking for work because key natural resources won’t be available to produce anything except food for survival. The entire world, except for food production and basic necessities, will be forced into service jobs. We will all become students, teachers, football players and rock stars. And THAT’S what congress refuses to wake up to.

    What does this mean for today?

    1. Congress should immediately role the standard work week back from 40 hours to 32 hours.
    2. They should strictly enforce overtime, which should be expanded to cover ALL professions. Overtime should be “person” based. That is, if a person works 2 jobs, as soon as they go over 32 hours in a week, they must be put on overtime pay no matter where they go.
    3. The minimum wage should be raised to $14.42 per hour ($24,000 annual)
    The job shortage would disappear overnight. The true “unemployment” rate, which is now about 22% in the U.S. would drop to a true #%-4%. The plight of many people in poverty would be eased. It would be budget neutral: NO TAX INCREASES OR CUTS. NO GOVERNMENT PROGRAM INCREASES OR CUTS.
    4. Congress must start on a program to REDUCE the U.S. population to a sustainable level.

    I discuss the whole sustainability problem at

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