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Irregular Times Donation: Doctors Without Borders

Here at Irregular Times, you may have noticed our many articles dripping with skepticism about the so-called “Ebola crisis” in the United States. There simply is no Ebola crisis in the United States — there are a few people who have been infected and a stellar public health infrastructure that has successfully kept Ebola from spreading.

There is, however, an Ebola crisis in three small countries in Africa — Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia — and the health care infrastructure in those three countries is simply not up to the task of handling the Ebola epidemic there.

Doctors Without Borders is working to change that, sending medical staff to these countries to fight the Ebola epidemic. This is vital work, not only to keep people from dying but to help these nations more broadly move forward.

Every time we sell one of our sweatshop-free liberal shirts at Skreened, we pledge one dollar to do some kind of good in a nation that is not our own. This month, our donation goes to Doctors Without Borders. If you can spare a dime, would you consider a donation, too?

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