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One Choice Isn’t Hard: Supporting the ACLU

In the wake of the 2014 elections, I return to a perennial puzzle for me: do I only support political candidates who I feel are the best match possible, or do I recognize that some politicians are better than others, and that better is good enough? I’ve been voting for a quarter of a century and I still can’t figure that one out.

Some choices aren’t so hard to make, though. Whenever we sell a sweatshop-free liberal shirt at Skreened, we set aside a dollar for a good domestic political cause. It’s time to make a donation from that fund, and this time around our donation goes to the organization that doesn’t shift, that consistently advocates for the civil liberties of American citizens and against unconstitutional abuses of power by the government. We are sending a donation to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The latest contribution by the ACLU comes today with the release of its new Mobile Justice App for Android smartphones. The Mobile Justice App lets people make videorecordings of questionable behavior by police officers and, with the touch of one button, send the video automatically to the ACLU, who will review the video for rights violations. What if the police demand the video recorder be turned off, a classic demand? No worries: as soon as the recording is stopped, it is automatically sent to the ACLU, so the video record can’t be easily destroyed.

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