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California Theocrat Interferes In Louisiana Runoff Election

Think that the 2014 congressional election is over? Think again. Down in Louisiana, there’s a runoff election for a seat in the U.S. Senate, between incumbent conservative Democrat, darling of the oil industry, Mary Landrieu, and Republican Bill Cassidy, who isn’t just pro-oil, but is also pro-gun. (Hey, Bill, while you’re at it, why not come out as pro-cigarette too?)

Of course, the idea that this seat represents Louisiana is becoming increasingly theoretical, given the way that out-of-state money has dominated the election.

The latest example of this comes today in the form of spending by the Star Parker PAC. The Star Parker PAC recently wrote a big check to pay for a “media buy” – a television advertisement slamming Mary Landrieu, saying “Mary Landrieu supports the killing of black babies.”

Mary Landrieu supports the killing of black babies?!?

No, Mary Landrieu has no policy which is designed to kill black babies. Mary Landrieu has never stated anything at all close to, “Hey, I think we should use the power of government to kill a bunch of cute little black babies.”

So, why is Star Parker saying that Mary Landrieu wants to kill black babies?

Star Parker just likes to take things on faith – blind faith. She’s a right wing activist with a long history of advocating extreme policies, such as granting religious groups power over the federal government. She’s infamous for her statement that “Anybody that believes in separation of Church and State needs to leave right now.”

Star Parker, a very large number of Americans believe in separation of church and state – and we’re not going anywhere. We believe in a nation where people of diverse beliefs can live as equals, without religious discrimination in favor of the dominant religion. In fact, this belief is the very first freedom protected by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

If you don’t believe in separation of Church and State, you don’t believe in the Bill of Rights. If you don’t believe in the Bill of Rights, what’s the point of participating in elections at all? Why not just mount an armed rebellion to install your fantasy of a theocratic regime?

Star Parker certainly doesn’t seem reluctant to slam down her extremist ideas in other people’s back yards. Though Star Parker’s political action committee is trying to influence Louisiana’s U.S. Senate election, the PAC is headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

[For the record, I don’t believe in killing babies of any color.]

One thought on “California Theocrat Interferes In Louisiana Runoff Election”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Peregrin Wood, baby killing is code words for abortion. Anyone who is a pro choicer like myself for example is considered a baby killer in the eyes of pro lifers who want to ban all abortion and even go further with personhood stuff. In their eyes if you don’t ban abortions or advocate as such, the blood of all the babies you passively allowed to be aborted by not being radically pro life like them, then it’s like you had killed those babies yourself personally. Also, black babies are a subset of babies. Abortion knows no color, but pro lifers adds that race factor in to make pro choices sound unnecessarily racist. Their logic is if you support abortion being legal, it means you support killing babies, since black babies are a subset of babies like I mentioned earlier, that means you support killing black babies.

    Long story short, let’s just call it pro life dog whistle politics. Also, in TV Tropes speak it is Insane Troll Logic as well.

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