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The Lilies Of November

This photograph shows just one of the manifrstations of climate change. This morning, I took this photograph of day lilies coming into blossom in my garden.

It’s mid-November, and we still haven’t had a killing frost. I live within 100 miles of the border with Canada.

november day lilies

2 thoughts on “The Lilies Of November”

  1. Billy Buerger says:

    Yeah but we just had a big snow storm here in Minnesota with highs in the teens probably by this weekend. So I’m sure global warming deniers will try to use the same excuse to say that global warming isn’t happening. I don’t believe that myself but just that looking at one example of a warm or cold season doesn’t prove or disprove global warming. I know you know this as well but just thought I would mention it.

    1. J Clifford says:

      What makes the difference is that the cold snap in the Midwest is within the normal range of weather, whike the prolonged warm weather in the Northeast is outsude of the normal range.

      Of course, freak events, even the warmth we’re having for months on end now, can happen without climate change. However, the long term data clearly show that extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, and tend strongly toward the warming side. That’s the context for the single botanical extremity pictured here.

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