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While Vicky Hartzler Fiddles, the Globe Burns: October 2014 was Hottest on Record

On November 2014, Republican member of Congress and global warming denier Vicky Hartzler noticed it was cold. This, she decided, was proof enough to ridicule the idea of global warming. So she took to Twitter:

Republican Representative Vicky Hartzler on Twitter: Global Warming Strikes America!  Brrrr!


Rep. Hartzler is in her 54th year on Earth.  Someone so well-experienced with the seasons really should have figured out that November tends to be colder than the months that precede it.  It’s a trend those in the meteorological profession call Autumn.  It also would be nice for a member of Congress to recognize that the place she happens to be standing at the moment is not necessarily the same as every other place on the planet, or that the one cold day she notices is not necessarily the same as the general trend.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s cold toes in Washington, DC on November 18 2014 are a product of local weather.  To look for evidence of global climate change, we should instead look to a global average of temperatures, and not just on one particular day but over a long period of time.  It turns out that NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies houses a collection of temperature records spanning all sorts of places over land and sea around the entire globe.  The NASA GISS global temperature record for each and every October doesn’t show weather.  It shows climate change.  It shows clear evidence of global warming:

Global Temperature in the Month of October, 1880 to 2014, from the NASA GISS database of global temperature anomalies over land and sea

If you look at the global temperature records for 1880-2014 for any month of the year so far, they will show clear signs of global warming.  When the month of November is done and climate records for November from 1880 to 2014 are complied, they will show clear signs of global warming.

Vicky Hartzler sits on a House of Represenatives committee devoted to finding “emerging threats.”  If she can’t figure out the nature of the global warming threat, what else is she missing?

2 thoughts on “While Vicky Hartzler Fiddles, the Globe Burns: October 2014 was Hottest on Record”

  1. Juniper says:

    I think that Representative Hartzler simply got backwards the old idea that people, when they have hypothermia, actually feel as if their bodies are becoming too hot, and so they take off all their clothes in the snow before they die. Please, Rep. Hartzler, you’re just confused and disoriented. Keep your clothes on.

  2. Bruce Nappi says:


    These continuing examples of climate denial in government leadership are the subject of discoveries I made related to human consciousness, brain physiology and mental illness. ( A key symptom of most severe mental illnesses is withdrawal from reality. That is, the INABILITY to UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT REALITY occurs very broadly across the whole spectrum of severe mental disorders. I went looking for causes and found them.

    People like Vicky Hartzler are mentally ill. This is not a pejorative statement expressed with medical terminology. Traumas in early learning, frequently derision or reward deprivation during religious teaching, force their brains to BLOCK OFF conscious processes that make judgments based on rationality and reality. Let me emphasize this key point. Their brain physiology was physically altered by the traumas to BLOCK OFF processes in their brains that produce the human capability we call rationality based on reality. In their brains, it no longer works. My point is, they are not consciously lying to us about climate change. They can NO LONGER INTUITIVELY UNDERSTAND IT! Their lives no longer run as a process of logically figuring out the world. They run by following a complex ritual of OK behaviors that they were taught. I call this Single Sentence Logic (SSL). (

    This creates a significant tragedy for western society. The processes we have established to elect leaders preferentially elect people who have this illness.

    Why this explanation is so important for the world to understand, is because it explains why appeals to logic are useless with these people. To get them to change what they believe, a complex process would be needed that replaced ALL the false SSL sound bytes in their memory with new consistent-with-reality sound bytes that maintained their sense of security within the entire structure of the SSL house of cards that defines their world. This is very hard to do. The only realistic chance I think we have, is to change our election process to only allow candidates shown to be logical based on reality.

    The two references I supplied summarize this whole discovery.

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