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Reasons to Boycott Black Friday. What’s Yours?

A boycott of Black Friday, the day on which Americans are labeled as “consumers” and expected to shop, comes from many corners this year.

Some are boycotting Black Friday as a way of protesting disproportionate violence against Black Americans at the hands of the police:

Boycott Black Friday: Hands Up, Don't Spend

Others ask you to stay at home on Friday as a way of supporting those striking against WalMart for better pay and benefits.

Others point out that a blow against Black Friday shopping is a blow against Americanism as consumerism:

Boycott Black Friday to Abstain from Consumerism

Another Black Friday boycott call targets Microsoft for its tax evasion:

Boycott Black Friday to Protest Microsoft Tax Evasion

Will you be staying home on Black Friday?  If so, why?




2 thoughts on “Reasons to Boycott Black Friday. What’s Yours?”

  1. Mark says:

    I did not shop last Friday. I was visiting my in-laws and we wanted to spend time together visiting some of the local sights. None of us wanted to deal with the chaos and the crowds. We did not intentionally boycott for any reason.

  2. Bill says:

    I had what seemed, at the time, like a couple of compelling reasons to shop last Friday:
    1. OMG, needed some ingredients for the annual Christmas pudding, which must be prepared a month in advance (to age), and
    2. The wife was using an extension cord outdoors in a way pretty much insured to electrocute somebody sooner or later. I needed to buy a cord protector.

    In the end, I decided the pudding could wait a day, and the cord could stay unplugged for a day, both of these without the world coming to an end. The corporatist obsession with forced labor on family-oriented holidays just sickens me; I won’t be a party to it.

    When I finally ventured out to Whole Foods on Saturday, the checkout person was grumpy and error-prone. She apologized, explaining that she had been up all night shopping. “Oh,” I said casually. “So you’re one of those enablers of forced holiday labor, huh?”

    The two people in line behind me both applauded.

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