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Pastor Calvin V. French Delivers Political Speech In The US Senate Advocating Theocracy

Calvin V. French, Pastor of the Community of Christ Church, called it a prayer, but it was clearly a political speech, castigating U.S. senators to place themselves under the authority of Christian religious authorities. He lectured, standing on the very center of the United States Senate this week, “Almighty God, we come as children in our Father’s house, asking that we may envision the same spirit of our Founding Fathers – that we are one nation under God! May this oneness of spirit and purpose prevail that our legislation will be seamless… In this Advent season, may we be comforted by the words of Isaiah 9:6, “The government shall be upon His shoulders!”

What would it look like if the U.S. Senate took the advice of Calvin French, and took our country back to the days when it was “One nation under God”? The Senate would have to go back to colonial days, as the independent United States of America has always been a secular nation.

one nation under godBack in colonial times, it was a capital crime for any person to refuse to participate in Christianity. The Book of the General Lawes and Libertyes Concerning the Inhabitants of the Massachusetts dictated that “If any man after legal conviction shall HAVE OR WORSHIP any other God, but the LORD GOD: he shall be put to death.” Blasphemers were executed as well.

Killing non-Christian Americans: That’s what one nation under God means.

What’s more, if we follow Calvin French’s advice, and take America back to the colonial days of one nation under God, we will have to accept that only certain types of Christianity will be allowed. The laws of colonial Massachusetts stated that any Christian who followed the Anabaptist creed of baptizing people after their infancy would be cast out into the wilderness. What’s more, if a Jesuit was found in Massachusetts, the colonial law dictated that, “upon lawfull tryall and conviction he shall be put to death”.

Banishment or death for forms of Christianity that don’t have the approval of government bureaucrats: That’s what one nation under God means.

When America was one nation under God, teenagers who refused to obey their parents were put to death. “If a man have a stubborn or REBELLIOUS SON, of sufficient years & understanding (viz) sixteen years of age, which will not obey the voice of his Father, or the voice of his Mother, and that when they have chastened him will not harken unto them: then shal his Father & Mother being his natural parents, lay hold on him, & bring him to the Magistrates assembled in Court & testifie unto them, that their Son is stubborn & rebellious & will not obey their voice and chastisement, but lives in sundry notorious crimes, such a son shal be put to death,” stated Massachusetts colonial law.

Killing teenagers: That’s what one nation under God means.

In colonial Massachusetts, if any parents neglected to teach their children the government-approved version of Christianity, the law dictated that the children would be seized by the state and placed in foster care.

Big government control of education and breaking up families: That’s what one nation under God means.

When this country was one nation under God, it was the law that anyone caught interrupting a Christian preacher’s sermon more than once would be forced to stand in the public square holding a sign reading, “AN OPEN AND OBSTINATE CONTEMNOR OF GODS HOLY ORDINANCES”.

Humiliation instead of free speech: That’s what one nation under God means.

Given what happened the last time America was one nation under God, would anyone agree to Calvin French’s demands that we return to that awful condition?

2 thoughts on “Pastor Calvin V. French Delivers Political Speech In The US Senate Advocating Theocracy”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:

    J. You’re being too LOGICAL in your commentary: “The Senate would have to go back to colonial days, as the independent United States of America has always been a secular nation.” This is pure politics – meaning, whom ever has the gold, makes the rules. Notice, that old saying does NOT say, ‘make sensible or logical rules.’ The witch hysteria and the inquisition were not founded on secular logic. They were founded on political and psychological control of Kings.

    Now, consider your audience – American voters. If U.S. citizens relate to U.S, leadership, then radical conservative will own the government. They can pass any laws they want. They can stomp all over the Constitution and history while they are simultaneously denying they are doing so. So, to be effective with your blog, you would have to say something to THOSE citizens to get them to change their mind. That’s the story I explain at It’s the analysis of the psychosis of the radical right, trying to shine a light on how they can be reached. And this story has an ironic analogy.

    How often have we heard that we should not be bombing in Iraq and Syria, but should be using peaceful methods to solve that problem? OK. Time to look in the mirror. To reach the radical right, we have to stop bombing them !!!

    RIGHT! Not so clear how to do it. But that’s the learning point to my comment. The reason the world is having all the political problems it has right now is that NO ONE with any public standing has figured this out. And if it isn’t figured out, the Ferguson protests will just be the tip of the iceberg. You can imagine what would happen if, under a Republican president in 2016, a Republican house declared Christian Marshall Law in the U.S. Not a pretty site.

  2. Charles Manning says:

    I think you’re exaggerating the potential that right wingers will reinstate the practices of colonial times. However, thank you for calling attention to those practices, which today’s youth probably will never learn about in their history courses.

    To lay all this out in Irregular Times won’t accomplish much. What will make a difference is for someone to ask Calvin French, and people who attend his Community of Christ Church, and people who heard his Senate prayer, if they’re aware of the facts you’ve stated, and what they make of them. I’d like for French to explain how he thinks modern legislators should translate “the same spirit of our Founding Fathers” into law — if not by re-enacting the laws making it a capital crime to refuse to participate in government-sponsored Christianity, to commit blasphemy, to disobey your parents, to baptize children after their infancy, and to be a Jesuit.

    By the way, do any political notables attend French’s Community of Christ Church?

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