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Challenge To Ben Carson Supporters On Climate Change

For a generation, Americans have disagreed about climate change. They have debated whether or not scientific data shows that Earth’s atmospheric temperatures are warming, and whether human activity is to blame.

Throughout it all, Americans have at least agreed on one thing: They have agreed that the issue of climate change is important to consider, whether it’s happening or not. Americans have understood that the climate of the planet that we live on matters… until now.

Now we have Ben Carson on the political scene. Ben Carson is running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, and he has declared that the question of whether our planet’s climate is warming or not is “irrelevant”?

Irrelevant? Does Ben Carson know what that word means?

To Ben Carson’s supporters, I issue this challenge: Explain to me how the climate of our planet is irrelevant. If the Earth’s atmospheric temperature were to increase by 10 degrees, how would that be irrelevant to you? Would a temperature increase still be irrelevant to you at 20 degrees? How about at 100 degrees?

11 thoughts on “Challenge To Ben Carson Supporters On Climate Change”

  1. lois freeman says:

    The irrelevance of climate change, is that there is nothing that us humans can do to change it. We can have an influence over pollution of our planet, but the sun has more do do with climate change than us lowly humans. Do you realize how many warming periods that we have had and how many ice ages that we have had? I do not assume that the people living at that time caused those changes.

    there is more relevance of how governments are trying to scam money out of nation states for something that we can not control. The Al Gores et al, who have made millions out of this scam use more carbon fuels than us lowly people.

    1. L. Hill says:

      You are absolutely correct Lois. This warming and calling has been going on since the earth was formed. The greenhouse effect has been going on since forever also and is required for our existence. We can not change these things and we did not create them.

      1. L. Hill says:

        Correction : warming and cooling

  2. Green Man says:

    Lois, that’s not what irrelevant means.

    What you’re saying is akin to this: Every day, we go through a warming cycle because the sun comes up. Therefore, if we are sitting in a room with a big window on the south side of the house, drawing curtains over the window won’t help, and therefore, the fact that the room is now 110 degrees F is irrelevant to the people in the room. So, don’t try to do anything about the problem.

    What you’re saying is both factually wrong (there are things we can do to deal with climate change) and linguistically inaccurate (the increasing temperature is increasingly relevant in all our lives).

    Also, you’re ignoring one important piece of reality in the room. There are little furnaces all around the room, going full blast, shaped like cars, trucks, and factories. You’re willfully ignoring the fact that they exist, and continue to heat the room up even after the sun goes down.

    This is yet another example of Ben Carson’s poor speaking skills. He – and his followers – can’t grasp the precise meaning of words. They stumble and fumble.

    Ben Carson may have been a fine neurosurgeon, but the skills of neurosurgery are not what is needed in political leadership.

  3. lois freeman says:

    Perhaps what Dr.Carson was referring to as irregular is the FACT that of the warming gases under consideration(ie,co2,ch4,&n2o) make up less than 5% whereas water vapor is a whopping 95% plus. It has been calculated that anthropogenic co2 contributions cause only about 0.117% of Earth’s greenhouse effect, (factoring in water vapor). This is insignificant!
    There exists abundant data indicating that co2 is a lagging indicator of warming. From the Vostok cores (and others), sometimes lagging warming by as long as 800 years. So clearly it cannot be the cause of global warming although it is shown that it can increase the warming slightly once is has begun; any claim to the contrary is likely a scam or based on ignorance.
    So maybe that is what Carson means by “irrelevant”. I’m not sure what you meant; your response sounds somewhat gibberish.

    1. Green Man says:

      It has been calculated?!? By who, Lois? Rush Limbaugh? The Heritage Foundation?

      You first list carbon dioxide as a contributor to global warming, and then say it isn’t which one is it, Lois?

      You still haven’t demonstrated that global warming is irrelevant.

      Do you know what “irrelevant” means, Lois? It doesn’t mean that you don’t agree with someone’s conclusions. It means that you don’t even think an issue matters.

      How could Ben Carson possibly believe that it doesn’t matter whether or not the climate of our planet is undergoing a dramatic change?

      1. L. Hill says:

        The natural warming and cooling cycle of the earth has been going on since the earth was formed. We are at the highest point of the last cycle now. CO2 is not the cause of the warming but, is a byproduct of the natural cycle. As the oceans get warmer due to the cycle, they release CO2 and are unable to absorb as much as cooler water. More than 300,000 years ago, CO2 levels were almost the same as they are today. Man did not cause it then or now. Do your own research and stop listening to the UN and their subsidized scientists.

        1. Mark says:

          It’s true that the Earth has gone through natural warming and cooling cycles ever since it was formed. However, the warming we are experiencing today is not natural. It is occurring much faster than ever before. The changes we have seen in the past century typically take millennia to occur.

  4. Blue Man says:

    green man – Throughout the earth’s history there’s been climate change. The earth has cooled and then warmed countless times whether man has been present or not. You are just another tree hugging moron screaming about something that exists but man has no control over. Ben Carson is a brilliant man, not just because he’s a gifted neurosurgeon but because he practices common sense. That’s what people like about him. Whether you call it global warming or climate change, it is the natural way of things and we can’t make it worse or better. Why don’t you go smoke some more weed and chill.

    1. Green Man says:

      Blue, that’s not what Ben Carson was talking about. Ben Carson was saying that the issue of climate isn’t relevant. How can anyone believe that the issue of climate isn’t relevant? It’s like saying that it doesn’t matter to you if there’s air for you to breathe.

      Now, as to the facts on climate change, you make a lot of -assertions- about what you suppose to be true. That’s good enough for wistful common sense conjectures, but it doesn’t meet the standards of science.

      I want a President who is intelligent enough to know the difference between common sense and science. That’s why I won’t support Ben Carson for President. He may be a retired neurosurgeon, but understanding how to perform an operation and being scientifically literate are not the same thing.

  5. Lois Freeman says:

    U.S. Department of Energy, (October, 2000) (1)

    Role of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases
    (man-made and natural) as a % of Relative
    Contribution to the “Greenhouse Effect”

    Table 3

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