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The U.S. Tortures People … Which Three Senators Didn’t Want You To Know?

“Warning: Many readers may find the following material offensive.”

So wrote USA Today without irony before describing how the United States tortured people, to no end, in our names. Today, you can read for yourself a redacted version of a 2012 Senate report, finally released after years of stalling, that confirms in detail that agents of the United States government knowingly and repeatedly tortured people in its custody, sometimes torturing them to death, even though torture by the U.S. Government is not only morally abhorrent but also a federal crime.

“Readers may find the following material offensive?” Well, isn’t that the bloody point? That’s why the Senate torture report was censored and hidden from public view for two years. If you knew what was being done in your name — if you knew that the United States government stood for torment and horror and freezing people to death and breaking their bones and driving them insane on purpose, yes, if you had a decent bone in your body you’d bloody well find it offensive. Some people in government preferred you remain unoffended.

Earlier this evening, J. Clifford identified 124 members of the House of Representatives who refused to act to end CIA torture when they had the chance back in 2009. As late as April 2014, the stalling tactics in the U.S. Senate continued. Three Republican U.S. Senators voted this year to try and keep censoring the torture report indefinitely. Why? Because the truth would make authorities in the United States government look bad. Learn the name of these Senators. Remember them:

Idaho Republican Senator Jim Risch
Indiana Republican Senator Dan Coats
Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio

Jim Risch, Dan Coats and Marco Rubio stand against truth, stand against your right to know, stand against decency, stand against human rights. They are apologists for the horrible side of human nature. They protect the people who want the United States to remain a force for horror in the world.

Jim Risch, Dan Coats and Marco Rubio should be hanging their heads in shame. Watch what they actually do now that the truth about American torture has been revealed. When it is your time to vote, act accordingly.

6 thoughts on “The U.S. Tortures People … Which Three Senators Didn’t Want You To Know?”

  1. Rick Stone says:

    Blood on the hands of our government, that’s what offensive. All involved in these tortures must answer for their crimes against humanity and against people of America. Recent killing of black people show that use of illegal methods and excessive force is something usual for our government and it’s not going to stop. That’s scary.

    1. Charles Manning says:

      So true. The connection with police misconduct recently in the news is obvious, but I’ve seen nothing in the MSM about that. What usually comes to mind when I hear about the torture of detainees after 9/11 is that if it was okay then, it would logically be okay now for detainees who are suspected of crimes or might have plans to commit crimes, such as murders, abductions, and robberies. The entertainment industry has been selling that doctrine for decades. I think the operatives who are defending what the CIA did (only the CIA? Only at Guantanamo?) are speaking out so loudly because they fear being prosecuted for their crimes. However, the statutes of limitation already bar most prosecutions — one reason this report was delayed so long. Another thing not coming out is that the architects of the policy — the people who said the torture was legal — bear responsibility for authorizing it. Even Fienstein hasn’t mentioned that.

  2. Vincent says:

    Isnt it about time the CIA was held accountable to the rest of the world for the lies they invent in order to kill people around the world –

    CIA clearly told the world that Iraq had WMD’s when in fact they did NOT

    CIA clearly told their own Govt that they did not torture terrorist suspects, yet again they lied –

    These War Crimes have to stop & that criminal G W Bush be executed as an example to the rest of corrupt America –

    Yes its these very same lies the CIA spew forth that have cost US allies its freedoms –

    Sorry but its not just the Middle Eastern countries you are pissing off –

    Fucking liars that you yanks are –

    1. J Clifford says:

      Totally get you Vincent, but keep in mind that not ALL us Yanks went along with this quietly. We’ve been working at Irregular Times in protest of torture and the other Homeland Security abuses from the start – and we’re not alone.

      The Obama Administration is refusing to prosecute anyone for this – probably because Democratic Party power brokers were in the thick of it.

      1. Bruce Nappi says:

        J. You just hit the nail right on the head! “because Democratic Party power brokers were in the thick of it”. And when we take into account that prisons all around the country are using similar actions, i.e. abusive solitary confinement, there are a huge number of people guilty of this. What are they doing? Trying to cover their tracks. Since we know, “what goes around, comes around”, every one of us has a vested interest in making all involve accountable.

  3. BiasedReporter says:

    who was the one vote against investigating torture in the first place? the vote in the committee was 14-1 to even do the study.

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